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Okay this blog talks a lot about how to become better at dating coming from the self improvement ‘becoming an alpha male’ point of view. This is something that might seem a little bit outside that remit, but stick with me.  I think all men at some point in their lives should go to a fetish club and I have a lot of good reasons.

1. It will completely destroy any nagging preconception that women don’t like sex!

Standard dating is based around the idea that men are the pursuers and women are the pursued. Most men start out with the concept that  men want sex and women don’t. This is starting to change a bit, but still as a young guy in the back of your head you think that men desire sex more than women. Usually most men who manage to lose this mind set is the kind of guy who has slept with a lot of beautiful women.  The PUA method of flipping the script is based around this, letting the women chase you. But to do this and be congruent with it, you need to understand that women want sex too, big time. The only difference is women are biologically programmed to only want it  from the best men possible, men are biology programmed to want it from every fertile looking women.

The reason why a fetish club does this better than anywhere else is because you experience it. It is completely accepted to everyone there. It is sooo in your face that after a couple of hours you would be completely acclimatized to it. You will be standing around chatting the most filthy acts, like you we’re talking about filling out your taxes.

2. Damm the women are hot.

This is what the average women look like in a normal club:

average club women

This is what the average women looks like in good quality fetish club:

hot fetish club girl

Or like this:

Alpha fetish girl

Seriously that is what most women look like. The reason being, you don’t get let in if your not prepared to wear something like that and if you don’t think you can pull it off you simple don’t go. You don’t have girl throwing their birthdays parties at fetish clubs, because 90% of their mate wouldn’t have the guts to come, primarily because they have to be that confident in their looks to pull this stuff off. Okay admittable these are models from Clairesville Boudoir Photoshoot in Birmingham  (Thanks for letting me use the picture girls love your stuff).

But believe me the standard is so much higher. (The exception here are the hard core play clubs, they tend to be more varied because it’s about the play more than the look).

3. People can be much more open about their preferences.

In normal clubbing, dating, sarging whatever. It’s strange to talk about sex, on first meeting people. Usually you have to work your way up about it. Some couple have been dating for years and never really talked about their sexual preference since it a bit of a weird conversation.

But at fetish clubs it’s easy. This drops one of the biggest taboos, 90% of women want to be dominated. 90% of women are turned on by a dominate man. Just look at the record sales of the 50 shades of grey (it’s a rip off of Story of O). The vast majority of women are turned on by a dominate male. In a normal club, this is taboo, women would blush push you away, call their protector males, if you try and be too dominate (Unless you have got really good game and can pull it off). In a fetish club you can straight out ask the women what they want and as long as it consensual you can do usually do it there and then.

Some of the stuff is breath taking.

4. It desensitizes you to beautiful naked women

Sex can be a nerve racking thing, especially if the women is hot. The two most common reason men fail to perform well in the sack is because the get to excited and cum too quickly or they get nervous and your sympathetic nervous system put you in fight or flight mode and as Wikipedia puts it:

The stress response halts or slows down various processes such as sexual responses and digestive systems to focus on the stressor situation and typically causes negative effects like constipation,anorexia, erectile dysfunction, difficulty urinating, and difficulty maintaining sexual arousal.

Simply put being in bed with a incredible beautiful women can make it hard to get a hard on if you are not used to it.

Where in this day and age do you get to stand around and chat with tons of near naked beautiful women (common outfit consist of just a mask to hide the women identify). If your regularly invited to the playboy mansion then that fine but most of us aren’t. The only other place I can think of is strip clubs, but to me the point that the women are being placed on such a pedestal is mentally quite an unhealthy thing.

5. People are so much nicer than normal clubs

Seriously people at fetish club are some of the nicest people you’ll meet. In normal club any idiot can get in, all the men are usually acting super macho to impress women. Fetish clubs are completely different, there is a feeling of acceptance and that the bar has been raise.  The people who come are usually pretty well educated, interesting unconfirmists, who all know their is quite a high level of trust required for you to be there.

Also the because the people tend to be more confident and people have stuff to talk about, people don’t feel the need to get blind drunk.

There are a lot of different type of fetish clubs, they all vary in the kind of night. I’m lucky enough to live in London so I have a pick of a lot of interesting night, their tend to vary from night like Torture garden which is much more about the clothes, to the kinky saloon which is more about fun sort of arts and craft  to some of the more extreme cubs that are based around play (i.e. more hard core bondage and S&M stuff like Decedence.

If you don’t know anyone to go with their are informal social meetup to introduce newbie to the scene called munches all over the world, join up at fet life (sort of fetish Facebook)  to find one close to you.

Any questions just drop a comment.