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The point that married men on average live longer than their unmarried counterpart has been brought out multiple times as an argument for two different things firstly people who are pro marriage and think that the point that men are more and more opting out of institution is a bad thing and secondly as an argument pro feminism (i.e. men are stupid and need women). I think this is an interesting phenomenon and have my own theory on it.

Firstly let men clarify what I believe to be the generally accepted explanation.

Women look after their man.

I believe the generally accepted concept is that a man without a women to keep him on the straight and narrow will drink too much, eat junk food, never get any exercise, probable start smoking weed, then crack and so on. The concept being that a woman in a man life will nag him to healthiness, cook him healthy meals, keep him from going to the bar every night. I doubt this is true, just the figures suggesting that after marriage both men and women start to put on weight suggest to me that whatever benefit women bring in cleaning up their lifestyle they add in general nagging stress and pressure to earn more at work, direct or indirect.

Here is my hypothesis:

Men who get married have a reason to live.

So this is a complicated one but hear me out. There is a fundamental difference in way women and men value themselves. Women are born and taught to have an inherent basic value, as the bottleneck of reproduction women are inherently more valuable than men. They are more valued without having to do anything. Women need to know this on a base animal level. So at the point that a ship goes down they have to be willing to jump in the lifeboat and leave their husbands to die. For the survival and success of our species on base level we have needed socially and biologically to value women more than men. This is why men have always been the primary people going to war, in a generation you could lose 90% of you men and the 10% left could impregnate the women and couple of generations later your population would be thriving. Lose 90% of you women and that tribe is probable never going to recover.

So where women have an inherent value, men value themselves by what they do.  They value themselves based on your jobs, their role as a father as a husband. A man who is married is much more likely to feel in his later year that he has a purpose to live. That he need to continue to look after his wife or take care of grandchildren. A married man automatically has some default role to fill.

It’s common for a man to die shortly after retirement, this I believe is connected to a man loss of the positive self-image he derived from his job. He had a purpose he had a reason to live.

With the MGTOW movement and the grass eating males of Japan, I think this is going to be the biggest challenge that they face. If you want to live longer without getting married then you need to get a positive self-image from somewhere else, be it a cause that is bigger than you.

Sexual Market Value (SMV) is defined as the value a person has within the sexual marketplace. It has an effect much like any market place the higher your value the higher value partner you can demand.

The interesting thing is how this varies over time and gender.

So on this graph we are rating the SMV for men and women over their lifetime. 100 is the most in demand 0 is no demand at all.

Now all these stats vary, but it should be understood that woman sexual market place value is based on reproductive value and mens are on their survival traits.

So you have this case where women start off with a very high initial value, youth bumps their SMV to the highest it will ever be (minus major plastic surgery) then it stay generally high until they hit their 30’s where they have this cliff like drop off.

Men’s SMV  is much more connected to thing like confidence, power, earning ability so on. So they start getting higher value as they get into their late 20’s.

Now this is where it gets interesting, i’m going to break it down.

I’m not breaking down the women’s side since it is so overwhelmingly connected to their looks, that it would be same  curve just higher or lower on the graph depending on how attractive they are.

However the way men act in the world massively effects their SMV, so lets look at men broken down into Alpha Males and Beta Males.

So your SMV is the price you can demand in a partner. So as you can see here some common relationships:

  • The average age of marriage is around 30, where the beta maless value and the female’s value start to come in line. At this point women’s options are shrinking and getting a guy to commit is important.
  • Seeing a young girl hooking up with a alpha male twice her age.
  • Seeing male sex symbols in his 50’s
  • Tons of Beta Males in their early 20 having real problem getting a date
  • Loads of women in their 30 confused where all the good men have gone.

Now we see a more realist view of the sexual market place. This visually explains a lot of things. For example:

1. Why women in their early 20 sleep around with a lot of Alpha males then reach their 30 and are shocked that the Alpha male of the same age of them have no desire to date them. Even the Beta males that they turn their nose up at 5 years ago seem very reluctant to make any real investment in a relationship with them.

2. Why women are much more interested in marriage or anything that shows a males commitment level. A women value drop steadily through their lives so a long term commitment benefits them considerable more than a man, who’s options and value does not plummet in such a dramatic manner.

3. Note the period of time that Alpha males value remains high, This means even though they are few in number they have a lot longer time to date women at the peak of the SMV.

4. It also explains why Women dating a older man, is such a usual thing, however a women dating a younger man garners such a high level of interest. Seeing a man actual commit to a woman more than 10 years older than him, is very rare and almost unheard of if the guy has any alpha trait at all.