Tally peacocking like a twat

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Hey you PUA Mystery method disciples out their have you run out of big furry hats, Gothic jewelry and patch work pants? Need something to out peacock the rest f the guys in the bar? Why not try Tally, the motorized tail which reacts to your heart beat to tell everyone how excited you are?


Check out the video here

This will definitely get people opening you. Because women love a man that dresses like a twat.


As we covered in a previous post about sexual market value, women have this sharp cliff like drop in value around the age of 30 this we refer to as the Wile E. Coyote Moment. It come in about here, it would vary depending on how well the women looks after herself:

Sexual Value Wile E Coyote

The girls from Garfunkle and Oates did a great song about it here. Enjoy!

In the world today their is a lot of stuff to worry about. The economy is going to pot, feminism is ruining relationships and is adding to the whole economy problem. Then on top of this the environment that probable going to kill us all if the nuclear war doesn’t first. Now recently I’ve been watching a lot of scary shit on youtube and their is a lot of scary shit on youtube. I was tempted to post some of it here. I think it’s important to know this stuff, it all about living in the real word.  All come under understanding the world in my how to be an alpha male section.

However there is a flipside to this. First of all I’m taking for granted your primary goal in life is ‘To Be Happy’ if it’s not you need help. To be happy at some point you need to take responsibility and control of what you consume, not just food and drink. I’m primary talking about information(Even though the food and drink stuff is important to). First of all check out this sketch Bill hicks did back in 1990.

TV, News and advertising want to scare you, it needs to depress and shock you, it main goal is to keep you engaged and scaring people is so much easier then amusing or titillating them. A lot of this stuff is worth being scared about to, a lot of these problem could come to pass. But if you primary goal is ‘To Be happy’ you are going to need to draw a line about what you are going to worry about and in my opinion this line should be your circle of control (i.e. what you have active control over).

And the way to do this is to control what input comes into your system. This are my generally rules (which recently I’ve been failing to live up to):

  • Never watch the news / read news papers (Important news your real friends can tell you)
  • Attempt to reduce the amount of advertising I consume.
  • Don’t associate / hire compulsory miserable people.
  • I Try to concentrate on consuming stuff that I find funny, actually useful to me, or fun (usually nerdy stuff).

This doesn’t mean I’m living in some kind of illusion ignoring reality. It actually means the opposite in a a strange way, since I’m controlling the sources of information that I input I have a greater ability to judge them on their own merit. Also I’m selecting the information that will help me make decisions on things that I can actually effect.

For example, I don’t vote. I see it as a pointless activity, on the odd occasions I have voted I have thrown the vote away to the green party. I don’t vote for a number of reasons, but the main one is I believe it will have no determinable effect on my life.  But with the half an hour it takes me to vote plus the 10+ hours I should put into getting myself educated to the level where I would consider myself informed enough to vote. I can achieve a lot which would be of benefit to myself, my family and I people care about.  In the UK the we have 2 very similar parties and their too scared to actually do anything. In practice I’m making a decision who face I would enjoy seeing on the telly and in newspapers more  (both of which I try my best to avoid).

Now I’m already considerable more educated than 90% of the country populous, have a good understanding of economics and psychology and run a business. I should be a person who cares what goes on in politics. But I don’t, because it is outside of my circle of control. I’ll rant it about it but that because I find that fun.  But that half an hour, I would have spent voting I can effect stuff within my circle of control and improve my life. Maybe in future my circle of control will expand to the point where politics will be if interest to me, but until then I’ll keep my half an hour and do something more interesting thank you.

My main point is you are responsible for your own happiness and a lot of this is due to the inputs that go into your life. Investing your time and energy into things you have control over is a lot more effective then, just lets the scaremonger decide what you should be thinking .


So take stock of what your inputs are into your life. On a day to day basis this is going to have a bigger effect on your happiness. I’ll leave you with this fantastic TED speech on happiness by Shawn Anchor about how you actually function better the happier you are:

This is part of my dating advice clinic

So next up is Jack. Jack is 27 never had a relationship and spent most of his life morbidly obese. He’s unemployed, pretty nerdy and and his last sexual encounter he paid for.

Okay this sounds pretty sad right…. 

Well it’s not a cheery story to start with, but that only half the story.

This guys actually has a pretty damn good foundation to start with. He’s 6’4 and from the the picture I saw of him he’s not bad looking face wise. He’s just got a M.S. in chemistry, which is a proper science and not some stupid arse art degree. He is also losing the weight and putting on muscle pretty fast.

Now I’ve forgotten where I got this from, but bear in mind getting in shape can really give you 2 points on the attractiveness scale. Check this guy out:


(This is some guy I found on a body building forum, I kept them since I found them motivating.) This makes one hell of a difference. Getting jacked can seriously up your attractiveness by 2 points. If Jack get his body fat ratio down to 18% at 6’4 with not a bad looking face, add a bit of dress sense. This is one hell of a foundation.

If on top of this he gets a job and moves out from his parents house, then his is in a much better situation.

Jack’s biggest problem is going to be this:

Lack of confidence stemming from 15 years as morbidly obese and 1 year as normal fat. The lack of confidence positive feedback loop also  drove me to being an introverted nerd. 

Unfortunately even if he becomes super jacked, has a great job, flat and dress sense. It’s going to take time for his internal reality to catch up. He is still going to see himself as nerdy fat kids, he is going in the right direction.

First thing let me address this:

I had to pay for my last sexual encounter(i know embarrassing, it was my only one).

I have absolutely no problem with the idea of paying for sex and you shouldn’t either. Your helping the girl out, your getting hot sex, your also having fun. I urge you Jack to not give crap what anyone thinks about that. If everything is consensual then it fine, good even since it would help desensitizing you to beautiful women, plus give you an unconscious  moral boost. Unless you start beating yourself up about, it’s fine as long everything was consensual.

I wouldn’t recommend you do it again though. These are my reason why:

  • It’s expensive, (relationships are usually slightly cheaper, slightly)
  • You will lose your motivation to improve yourself.
  • Hiring prostitutes, combined with no self improvement does not end well.

The money would be a lot better spent on seeing a psychologist, in the long term this would be a lot better investment. You have self image problem that need to be worked through. Lot of that should be helped by the generally getting your life sorted. The multiple relationship section will require a number of post to get through, but the main thing is not to despair you are in a very lucky position compared to most guys, your problems are all square within your ability to fix and you are already on your path to fixing them.

The main thing is be proud of what you have achieved so far. If you send me a dating profile I’ll go over it. But kudos keep it up.

1 year from now you could be crazy fit, tall good looking, good job, living in a fine city. Then you just need to make sure that your internal image of yourself start to catch up with that.

This was part of the dating advice posts I’m doing. If you would like me to give you some advice. You can read my primary post here. Or just fill out the form here:

This is part of my dating advice clinic
Okay Xinner gave me a chunk of stuff to work with. But to break it down here is his ‘stats’. 27 year old, not bad looking guy 5’9 lives in Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo.

The reason I picked Xinner to cut my teeth on is because he has something I find very interesting ‘Aspergers’ now I’ve been out winging with a guy once who had Aspergers and he was a machine from a PUA point of view.

Aspergers is as much of a blessing as it is a curse. Most people start of with a whole bunch of cognitive biases and are so deluded by their emotions, which is often the main cause of any problem they have.  I see someone with Aspergers as a blank canvas they start with none of these biases but they also start with none of advantages. Xinner said in his form:

I’m an ASPERGER that has learnt to adapt, changing the bad aspects of it, and using the positive ones to my favour. *(took me 3-4 years of hard work)

Now I’m no expert in Asperger’s and so this really is from should not be taken as gospel.

But the important thing here is Xinner goals:

 My dream life would be either to have a perfect relationship where there’s no infidelity or cheating, and a lot of respect.  If I don’t find that, then I want the whole opposite. Lots of sex and different girls and pussy.

Now I’m going to concentrate on the first one the prefect relationship. If you want the Lots of sex with different girls then I recon you could achieve this easily, just stick the mystery method, pre scripted routines will do you well, keep watching keep calibrating. Make sure your logistic are good so on. You could be a beast, confuse the fuck out of women with your natural aloofness. Keep taking your cue from body language and take everything they say with a pinch of salt.

But I don’t think that in the long run, this is going to make you happy. You also said this:

I’ve sacrificed 40% of my nerdness to open my eyes and I’ve added a lot of versatility to my personality. To the point that I can be in any given environment or with any type of girl and simply adapt myself to it and behave like it is my own territory. I learn fast…really fast (thanks to my Asperger issue)

The reason why this worries me is because at the heart of this, needs to be what would make YOU happy. If you are sacrificing nerdiness in order to explore the world and understand everything better and see what else you might enjoy then that great. If you are sacrificing you nerdiness because:

  1. You think that you should get married and have kids because society expects it of you.
  2. You think that real men screw lots of women

Then that sad and will lead nowhere good. It’s the difference to be internal referenced and externally referenced. If you are looking outside of yourself for validation then you rarely be able to live up to it.

So really consider why you want to bother with women. These are creature that runs by a completely different set of rules, which the logic is dumbfounding.

So you have the option to be a happy nerd, surround yourself with obsessive nerd friends. I’m a nerd, lots of my favorite people are, and in my opinion a lot of Alpha males are.  A lot of the time men look to women to provide them with a positive self-image, if you are doing this you will always be tied to whatever her whim is at that point.

But if you’re sure you still want to do this read on:

Bear in mind guys without Asperger are confused as hell by women too, so you are not alone in this you may even have an advantage.

The problem when working with a trial and error system (like you are) you need a lot of goes.  With pick up this is fine, however with a relationship since they take longer and you don’t have as many chances to fail, this is bad.

Worse still you are not going to be able to rely directly on her feedback, i.e. what she says. Even her body language isn’t going to be reliable, since women moods change of a number of reasons, for example women dress more slutty when they are ovulating.

All I’m going to try and do here to my best ability is give you method to see when you are doing well (that should hopefully give you some ability to do some trial and error within the relationship, without having game over) and to try and give you a frame work of the way the women mind works.

Let’s start with basics of how the woman mind works.

Women will be rating you on a subconscious level on these factors Value, Security, and Fun. Value is what perceived value you have. Men and women calculate value in different ways. This is a graph I did for another post of how terrible feminism is.


Security is how secure she feel that you will stay around and look after her. Fun is how much she actually enjoys your company.

Value too low: She will leave you because she thinks she can do better.
Security too low: She will leave you thinking she is wasting her time because you will not commit.
Fun too low: She will leave out of boredom.

So if we imagine these as stats, like in a computer game. Now different girls have different requirements, usually dependent on different things. Women in their teens to early 20 will be more interested in fun, women late 20s will be looking for value, the older a women get see will want more security (primarily because her value would have dropped considerable).  But women in general will vary a lot.

PUA and ‘game’ is primarily based around faking high value and bringing the fun so that you can get a woman into bed. It is less help in a relationship, where anything faked will be quickly seen through.

To keep a high value girl, you are probably going to have to be high value. DHV stories and furry hats won’t work.

Okay back to the stats. For a strong relationship what you really want to do is keep all these stats as high as possible. So just do actions that increase the stats, simple eh.

Well no.

The problem is these values are all in her head so they are perceived values, which she is going to calculate by looking at your actions and the way the world treats you. For example lets give a simple thing you can do.

Buying flowers for a women. Now this will say to her I am very much invested in you, I want this relationship to work, and therefore I will do sappy things to make you happy. Bang, +5 to your security score great. But it also says that you think that you are not good enough on your own i.e. you think you are too low value for her and therefore need to close the gap. So you effectively get -5 from your perceived value.

In the reverse say cheating on her, this could effectively do the opposite. -20 to security (your clearly not that committed) but +20 to value (you have options).

Now women are naturally hypergamous, so they are looking to get higher value than themselves and the since women are calculating their worth by what value man they can get sleep with them (which is considerable higher than the value of a man they would be capable of get into a committed relationship with) they perceive there personal value as very high.

Plus you probable want a young and hot woman; they are the worse the value they place on themselves is through the roof, since society is constantly reinforcing this.

10 times as many relationships end through the women, on an unconscious level, calculating that they can do better and then engineering a reason for the relationship to end. They may use multiple excuses, I don’t think we are right for each other, I see you more as a friend, or just creating arguments out of seemly nothing.

This is rationalizing after the fact.

But the fact remains there are hundreds of stories of women staying with men that are bastard, and rationalizing why they want to stay with them “yes he hit me but I love him”.


Rihanna’s value is through the roof, but she keep going back to the guy who smashes her face in!

This is simple to explain under this system, it’s the reverse. Treating women like a piece of shit is being translated as he is super high value. Then they are just rationalizing after the fact that they ‘love’ them and using that as an excuse to the world why they stay with them.

Okay now I’m not telling you the way to keep a woman is to beat her. What I’m saying is you need to be aware of how the system works. You say that you want good women, who you can love trust and so on. Unfortunately all women run by these rules albeit on an unconscious level.

The example that you see where it has work out, is where the man is of high value and the women has treated him well.

Breeding has always been a risk for women, sleeping and committing to a man who was unable to protect and provide for her would likely mean death in the past.  So they play by these rules, ignore the rules of the game at your own peril. Don’t hate the players, hate the game.

However what you can be a little reassuring is as women get older their option shrink and it is easier for you to live up to their required value.

You can improve your chances by doing any of these things:

  • Legitimately increase your value as much possible, earning power, physical fitness, social confidence / competence, increase your social status.
  • Pick a woman from a social circle which is not full of high value men, you will be compared to the men she associates with most of the time. Picking a nurse or a teacher is a good call because these are primarily female populated jobs. The bar she will hold you against will be lower.
  • If you can find one, pick a nerdy women, shared interest could really build a bond between you. The more you have to sacrifice your own happiness to fit her more the more miserable you will be.
  • Win over her friends, her friends judgment of you matters.
  • The way you describe El Caribe“Lots to cheating, hot girls, hot weather, lots of beaches and bitches too. Relationships are not taken too seriously here. It’s like everyone does everyone.”  Clearly you already understand that this environment is going to cause you problems. Move away as soon as possible, especially if you marry.
  • Learn to control the frame and talk about yourself in a positive light. If you think you’re worthless she will agree with you.
  • Picking a women who parents are still together massively increase the chances that you won’t divorce.
  • Frame Asperger’s as if it makes you fucking super human. In a relationship you cannot hide the fact that you have Asperger’s, but learn to be damn proud of it, even a little arrogant. As a man victim hood is a complete turn off. Remember to mention the long list of super achiever who have Asperger (Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Friedrich Nietzsche), never let it get framed as a weakness, she should be damn lucky to find a guy with Asperger and you feel sorry for the other guys who don’t have your advantage.
  • Also you kind of have age against you. Men value tends to start to peak at around 30.
  • Learn to look after your finances (one of the most unfortunate realities that most people don’t want to admit is that a successful relationship is often underpinned by financial stability [Read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki]). Women would not date a guy without a job for any period of time, no matter how good looking/funny he is (this just indicates how important finances are in most instances).
  • The lower value woman you date, the more you should be able to trust her.

So that my advice on how to play the game. This is next bit is slightly harder. How to tell if you are doing well or badly.

Now first thing as I mentioned women moods change. You need to think of them like the weather, some days they will be good some days they will be bad. You need to be more like a rock that weathers the storm. Perceived value is the golden rule, her mood at any one time is less accurate indication.

The best indication of your value is the investment she is making, i.e. the more time and effort she is putting into the relationship. The more investment the better you are doing, the less investment she is valuing you less.

I would like to leave you with talking about this bit though.

“Right now not as good to be honest. I thought I was on the right track, but caught my girl hiding things again,  <_<.  Not doing bad things, but just hiding things, which for me, means a lot, because it makes me not trust her. IF you hide 1 you hide 2. And then you hide 3.”

Firstly you clearly are on the right track you are tracking your progress and you are improving.  But If I was you I would try not to get too worried about this. It in itself it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you get more worry about it she will hide more stuff from you. You need to not sweat the small stuff, she just as likely to be embarrassed about something as she is to be cheating on you.

It could be a problem, but until you are sure, don’t let it bug you. High value guys aren’t spending their time worrying about women leaving them. If you cannot trust her she won’t be able to trust you. Unfortunately you need to be the vulnerable one and lets your guard down. You may get hurt, but that life.

I hold it true, whate’er befall;
I feel it, when I sorrow most;
‘Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all. 

– Lord Tennyson’s

This was part of the dating advice posts I’m doing. If you would like me to give you some advice. You can read my primary post here. Or just fill out the form here:

Short answer: No.

Long answers: The definition of Alpha male is pretty much the leader in it’s simplest form, the person that everyone looks to for guidance and who they follow instruction from. The requirement to lead in the wild would have been determined via fighting, this is no longer true. Here for example of what is a less stereotypical but very Alpha males by today’s standards.

Bill gates

Thinking about his life the innervation he brought forward. Yes he’s a Nerd and yes he is rich. But he built one of the most successful company of all times and beta’s simple do not do that. Yes he is smart, but without being a risk taker innovative. And yes their might not be stories of him screwing super models, and his wife might not be that hot now. But just take a look at his daughter:

She must have been pretty damn hot in the past to produce that. Take a look at Bill and see how he tallies up against the Alpha male traits page.

Having said that Alpha often are in very good shape, how physically fit you are usually means that you show some of the traits that are listed under the how to be an alpha male page. To become physical fit you need to understand what actions effect your fitness levels (dietary requirements, the amount of exercise required and the correct type for your goals) this show a high level of understanding yourself. Also once you understand it you need to actually do it which requires a lot of will power hence becoming the master of yourself.

Slut walks, what a bloody joke!

Posted: December 12, 2012 in Journal

Slut walk are designed to reclaim the word slut, and to prevent ‘slut shaming’ that has become such an epidemic these days. Fighting the double standard where a man who sleeps around is a stud but if a woman does the same thing she is a slut.

dont rape me

It also to fight the horrible horrible idea that women, who dress sexually provocatively, might just might attract sexual attention. And you know what some bastard men have the audacity to advise women that not dressing so sexually provocatively might protect them from the dreaded rape. Like the stereotypical father who seeing his daughter getting ready to go out for a night drinking, becomes concerned, when he notices she dress like a hooker.

Also it’s often used as a method of raising awareness of rape as a bad thing and how lots and lots of effort a money should be put into protecting women from it!

The whole things start to fall apart when you spend even a little time deconstructing it.

No one is pro rape

Seriously this is not a split issue; there is no group of people who think rape is a good thing. Everyone is against it, occasionally it’s used in off colour jokes, but it used in this manner exactly because everyone thinks it’s terrible. It’s used exactly for its shock value (however even now feminist comedians want this stopped).

Marching through the street in your underwear with signs saying how bad it is, is not swaying the undecided masses.

Slut shaming overwhelmingly comes from women

This requires a little bit of explanation. Women are the ones that hate sluts and for good reason. It’s a simple supply and demand, men desire sex and women have controlled the supply. Now in order to keep the prices as high as possible women need to restrict the supply, i.e. they need to prevent other women giving away sex too cheaply.

Slut shaming allow women to restrict the supply and to push up the price (i.e. what men would do in exchange for sex). One women who will sleep her way around a group would very quickly reduce the value of sex that all the other women could demand.

 Feminist theory almost always harks back to male oppression, and so the cultural suppression of female sexuality reflected men’s desires to dominate women, possess them, and/or prevent them from finding sexual fulfillment. In both cases, the cultural suppression of female sexuality should come from men.

Yet the evidence overwhelmingly indicated that the cultural suppression of female sexuality is propagated and sustained by women. Only sexual economics theory predicted that result. Similar to how OPEC seeks to maintain a high price for oil on the world market by restricting the supply, women have often sought to maintain a high price for sex by restricting each other’s willingness to supply men with what men want.

Sexual Economics, Culture, Men, and Modern Sexual Trends
Roy F. Baumeister and Kathleen D. Vohs – The Florida State University

It’s actually backed up by reality!

If someone suggested that you locked your car and didn’t leave the keys in the ignition because this might reduce the chances that it get stolen, would you stand up start shouting at them for limiting your freedom and demand your car had a constant police escort to protect it at all times.

No because it’s stupid, you would see the connection between the two action and take ownership of the problem to lower your chances of the bad thing happening. You can’t just demand that the reality changes to suit you.

You are attacking the people who are actively trying to protect you.

Think about it who do they think they are protesting against? The characters of the misogynist leering creepy man, is total pro sluts, hey be as slutty as you want, those guys are totally supporting you. Actually if you been really really slutty and just sleep with everyone, then rape would disappear over night.

Actually this one I’m a bit lost on. Maybe it for the benefit of the government in order to get more funding. This whole thing seems a little badly thought out.

As far as I can tell women want to dress sexy because it raises their value (with all the danger effectively removed), whilst at the same time by promoting sluttiness they are effectively lowering the price they can  demand.

This just seem like a feminist grappling for some kind of victim hood rights. But one things for sure now guys it is completely okay to call  any woman a slut, it’s a positive things now.