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If a women chooses to have child, without the fathers consent and cannot support it herself. We should shame her. Now I’m not talking about mother where their husband have left them or died. I’m talking about this situation where a women (who has all the control in the world) has got herself pregnant and decided to keep it knowing full well that someone else would bear the cost.

What wrong with Single mothers? 

Well lots. Lets look at what are arguable the three biggest problems in the world today: over population, the economy and the environment.

You might pick three other things, but I pick these three because these are the ones that are most likely plunge us into the dark ages and possible kill us all. That my reasoning, your welcome to your own.

Okay let me in first connect the dots here. Single mothers are producing children they cannot support, the point they are producing children at all add the over population part of the equation, the children produced in single parent families are much less likely to be productive members of society.

Here is some cheery stats:

  • 63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes
  • 90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes
  • 85% of all children who show behavior disorders come from fatherless homes
  • 80% of rapists with anger problems come from fatherless homes
  • 71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes
  • 75% of all adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers come from fatherless homes
  • 85% of all youths in prison come from fatherless homes.

This is where it add to the economic side of the equation, the government is having to support these single parent families rather than pay off our big arse debts. Secondly the children raised in these families are much less likely to be productive members of society.

Not to mention the father in the majority of these situations the father are robbed of the chance of raising a child on term that he would have liked, often leaving him  demoralized and unable to afford to start a more conventional family and less likely to bust his gut in his career just to give the money to a kid he never see and a women who ruined his life.

This is on the increase, here is the breakdown over the years:


The environmental thing really just connect to over population.

So I declare we SHOULD shame single mothers.

(Without the fathers consent and an inability to support it herself)

Okay sounds horrible right. However if you agree with the premise that this is a problem and this is on the increase and without something being done, we are most likely going to end up in a country / world in a complete mess. At some point we will need to do something about it. Here are the other options that spring to mind:

Forcing sterilization / abortions. 

Well we can’t afford them, we can’t feed ourselves any more. We need to stop them before the kid is born. You can either start sterilizing people and get them to apply to have it reversed or we can start state enforced abortions.

Leaving children to starve in the street. 

Stop all funding to help children and let them starve in the streets. This is already pretty common place in 3rd world countries and we know how pretty that looks.

Start killing people.

People are getting in this nasty habit of living longer and longer these days and if we are pumping out more and more kids that are just so damn cute. then we need to get rid of some of the people that kicking around. We could do this on a merit based system, money based system or just get rid of anyone over a certain age. Sally Gearheart (Previous head of gender studies at  San Francisco State University)  believes:

The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race. — Sally Miller Gearhart

That would go some way to reducing the problem, but I can see a couple of issue with that.

Okay so if your a sane human you probably don’t like the sound of any of those solutions.

Evolution has always had restrictions on population growth and the most successful animal would be the ones that would hit the best balance between amount of offspring and the chances of their survival.  So if food was sparse a bird would only have a couple of eggs since the chances to 2 well fed children surviving would be much higher survival than 10 starving ones and on top of that in the wild if you couldn’t provide for your children they died.

This system still applies to humans, resources will limit our survival, it just the whole horrible reality of the situation that is not realized yet. We have not had to watch the children starve with our own eyes.

In our world the state has stepped in and basically provides for children in the occasion that the women can not, this has effectively removed the fear of her children death, allowing her the luxury of having as many children as she wants. Yep she might not live in a life of luxury but if her driving force  is to reproduce then she can do it.

Stuff like this I think is really dangerous:


Again the women with tons of cash, or lesbian couples or people with a great family support system. These people are taking responsibilities are okay in my book (unless it against the father wishes). But ‘shaming’ I consider really a call for these women to take responsibility for their actions. Kids cost a lot of money, kids brought up without a support system are much more likely to be messed up and you are dragging everyone else into the equation at the same time.

These are some things that I think would have a good thinks that could help:

  • Remove any stigmatization around abortion and passionately call out anyone who is pro life, anti abortion. These people are leading us to a much more likely armageddon than any of their religions predicts.
  • Men, wear a condom. Getting her pregnant can ruin your life just a bad as any STD.
  • But above all else, stop any one blocking the male pill. Giving men extra power over who they get pregnant will go a long way to helping sort out this problem.

Short answer: No.

Long answers: The definition of Alpha male is pretty much the leader in it’s simplest form, the person that everyone looks to for guidance and who they follow instruction from. The requirement to lead in the wild would have been determined via fighting, this is no longer true. Here for example of what is a less stereotypical but very Alpha males by today’s standards.

Bill gates

Thinking about his life the innervation he brought forward. Yes he’s a Nerd and yes he is rich. But he built one of the most successful company of all times and beta’s simple do not do that. Yes he is smart, but without being a risk taker innovative. And yes their might not be stories of him screwing super models, and his wife might not be that hot now. But just take a look at his daughter:

She must have been pretty damn hot in the past to produce that. Take a look at Bill and see how he tallies up against the Alpha male traits page.

Having said that Alpha often are in very good shape, how physically fit you are usually means that you show some of the traits that are listed under the how to be an alpha male page. To become physical fit you need to understand what actions effect your fitness levels (dietary requirements, the amount of exercise required and the correct type for your goals) this show a high level of understanding yourself. Also once you understand it you need to actually do it which requires a lot of will power hence becoming the master of yourself.

Slut walks, what a bloody joke!

Posted: December 12, 2012 in Journal

Slut walk are designed to reclaim the word slut, and to prevent ‘slut shaming’ that has become such an epidemic these days. Fighting the double standard where a man who sleeps around is a stud but if a woman does the same thing she is a slut.

dont rape me

It also to fight the horrible horrible idea that women, who dress sexually provocatively, might just might attract sexual attention. And you know what some bastard men have the audacity to advise women that not dressing so sexually provocatively might protect them from the dreaded rape. Like the stereotypical father who seeing his daughter getting ready to go out for a night drinking, becomes concerned, when he notices she dress like a hooker.

Also it’s often used as a method of raising awareness of rape as a bad thing and how lots and lots of effort a money should be put into protecting women from it!

The whole things start to fall apart when you spend even a little time deconstructing it.

No one is pro rape

Seriously this is not a split issue; there is no group of people who think rape is a good thing. Everyone is against it, occasionally it’s used in off colour jokes, but it used in this manner exactly because everyone thinks it’s terrible. It’s used exactly for its shock value (however even now feminist comedians want this stopped).

Marching through the street in your underwear with signs saying how bad it is, is not swaying the undecided masses.

Slut shaming overwhelmingly comes from women

This requires a little bit of explanation. Women are the ones that hate sluts and for good reason. It’s a simple supply and demand, men desire sex and women have controlled the supply. Now in order to keep the prices as high as possible women need to restrict the supply, i.e. they need to prevent other women giving away sex too cheaply.

Slut shaming allow women to restrict the supply and to push up the price (i.e. what men would do in exchange for sex). One women who will sleep her way around a group would very quickly reduce the value of sex that all the other women could demand.

 Feminist theory almost always harks back to male oppression, and so the cultural suppression of female sexuality reflected men’s desires to dominate women, possess them, and/or prevent them from finding sexual fulfillment. In both cases, the cultural suppression of female sexuality should come from men.

Yet the evidence overwhelmingly indicated that the cultural suppression of female sexuality is propagated and sustained by women. Only sexual economics theory predicted that result. Similar to how OPEC seeks to maintain a high price for oil on the world market by restricting the supply, women have often sought to maintain a high price for sex by restricting each other’s willingness to supply men with what men want.

Sexual Economics, Culture, Men, and Modern Sexual Trends
Roy F. Baumeister and Kathleen D. Vohs – The Florida State University

It’s actually backed up by reality!

If someone suggested that you locked your car and didn’t leave the keys in the ignition because this might reduce the chances that it get stolen, would you stand up start shouting at them for limiting your freedom and demand your car had a constant police escort to protect it at all times.

No because it’s stupid, you would see the connection between the two action and take ownership of the problem to lower your chances of the bad thing happening. You can’t just demand that the reality changes to suit you.

You are attacking the people who are actively trying to protect you.

Think about it who do they think they are protesting against? The characters of the misogynist leering creepy man, is total pro sluts, hey be as slutty as you want, those guys are totally supporting you. Actually if you been really really slutty and just sleep with everyone, then rape would disappear over night.

Actually this one I’m a bit lost on. Maybe it for the benefit of the government in order to get more funding. This whole thing seems a little badly thought out.

As far as I can tell women want to dress sexy because it raises their value (with all the danger effectively removed), whilst at the same time by promoting sluttiness they are effectively lowering the price they can  demand.

This just seem like a feminist grappling for some kind of victim hood rights. But one things for sure now guys it is completely okay to call  any woman a slut, it’s a positive things now.

Getting actually useful dating advice is not easy. Ask your friends, they’ll say whatever will cheer you up. Magazines pump out vague generalities to appeal to the largest readership possible and real world specialist that are worth a damn are rare to say the least. This is where Dr Makeshift comes in.


I’m going to do a clinic (well at least until I’m bored of it). If you take the time to fill out what is a pretty hefty survey, I will give you a honest no holes barred appraisal of your situation plus advice on what your best options are.

Why should you listen to me?
  1. I’m remaining anonymous: My decision to remain anonymous gives me a lot of benefits. But the main benefit to you is I don’t have to worry about offending you, I can afford to be completely honest. I don’t need to sugar coat anything, I don’t need to worry about you screaming at me, threats of violence, so on. No real world ramification for me. Useful honest information for you.
  2. You remain anonymous: Unless you specifically want to be associated with this, I’m not going to out you. Their is no reason for me to, you can check back through all the case files to see that I’m honest to my word.
  3. My diagnosis is open to public scrutiny: I’m going to write a post about your situation, along with my advice. If people consider it rubbish, they can comment, Google note me, write a blog post having a go, whatever. I rarely moderate my comments, occasionally I will if I think they add nothing.
  4. I’m not trying to up sell you anything:  Presently I’m doing this mainly for my own benefit and to generate interesting content. I might add some thing in the future but not at the moment. I don’t want to sell you extra counseling session, make sure you subscribe or anything. That might change. But to be honest if I think you need to see a psychologist, that going to be the first thing I say. Heck I’m not even charging for the service at all at the moment. I might add in some queue jumping options in exchange for a donation.

First off I want to thank you for taking that amount of time and effort to really analyse my profile, obviously I’m grateful for ANY feedback but you really went the extra mile. thanks 🙂

Don – Wales

What qualifies me to give you advice?

I could say a number of things here. A lot of personal experience, my study of psychology and evolutionary biology, the point I have been active in the PUA scene for years, my need for testing, my adherence to logic and what I believe is a relatively clean lens that I see the world through. Also I did this for quite a while for a popular internet dating site.

But all this is highly subjective. I urge you to make your mind up for yourself. My writings are clear here, if you think what I say make sense then give me a shot, if you think I sound like a mad man then please don’t waste my time. Even though I have chosen to keep my identity private, my thought processes and opinions are far from it.


Go on you know you want to! What’s the worst that can happen.

Makeshift is right and he gave a good critique and I agree with him.

– Lioness

Thanks for all the advice, I’ll get to editing now!
Would you mind having another look when I’ve finished?

Shelley – Bristol

What Women Want…Is More Sex

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Journal

The title here is not meant to give sick perverts an excuse to go out and hit on unsuspecting women, so before anyone flies off in a rage, let me explain.  Woman like sex just as much as men, more so in most cases.  Is this a surprise?  Not to me it isn’t.

Modern western societal rules state that men are the sex crazed maniacs sleeping their way around as many young attractive women as possible.  Just take a look at any of the tabloid headlines and you’ll find reports of male infidelity usually amongst high profile celebrities.  Back in the real world it is actually women who seem to enjoy and have a higher appetite for sex then men.

I was interested to read an article that appeared online in the Huffington Post about a year ago.  The author Gail Konop Baker had the sense to ponder the question ‘what if women want sex more then men?’  You can read the full article here but to summarise; she concluded that men need to be sexually liberated just as women have been in the past thirty years or so in order to prevent frustration on both sides.

Baker has got half the point, but not all of it.

More women then ever are using online adult websites that give them the opportunity to grab whatever fuck buddy that takes their fancy.  The statistics speak for themselves as Experian Hitwise Data revealed that adult sites have shot up in traffic and popularity.  When you delve a little deeper, figures from the individual websites reveal that there are usually more women than men using the sites then there used to be.  Even the national media have taken notice with both the Telegraph and the Daily Mail revealing higher numbers of women using sites to conduct extra marital affairs.

Basically women are after just as much – if not more – sex then we are.  The Evening Standard even conducted a survey on men and women back in 2010 asking if men enjoyed sex more then women.  Only 1 woman out of the 5 questioned answered ‘yes’.   Not that I’m complaining, but if this is the norm, why is it not discussed more openly?

I think the answer is simple.

  1. The media at large still peddles this myth that women are sluts if they are seen to be sexually active
  2. A lot of women – and men – have bought into this myth making open discussion of something that both sexes enjoy anathema in many social circles.  Even though both sides secretly think it’s bollocks. one of the world’s leading online dating sites collated data from over 1.2 million female users and the results lend more credibility to the assertion that women like sex just as much if not more than men.

Confront a hard line feminist with these statistics and their response will be to snort and say ‘So? What’s the problem?’  Confront them with similar statistics when it comes to men and the response will be ‘obviously he can’t keep it in his pants.’  The sexual pendulum is swinging more and more into the woman’s favour leaving many men struggling to understand where we now fit in.   I know where I stand but many men don’t, so one thing I do agree with Baker on is this – we all need to talk more openly about sex and how much we enjoy it.


As a sucker for a compliment I’ve been rated as 50th place on this highly. Originally I though this was legitimate but I’m pretty sure it’s not now. The One in first place isn’t even a relationship blog, nor are a bunch of them. I’s just effective link baiting. Anyway it’s a good test of being able to throw stuff into the archive. Hope this does’t come up on the feeds and disturb everyone. Anyway after this they’ll probable remove me.

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Too much self help

Posted: December 12, 2011 in Journal

Okay now I have been a self help Junkie for too long and the problem is that even though a lot of it seems really good stuff. It’s very hard to apply it all to your life. Now i’m at a point where I value my time very highly and am only interested in learning things that I can apply to my life in a very practical way.

So my conclusion from this is from any book, semina, training course, their will usually be 3 – 4 actional things that I can do change to improve my life and a couple of different pieces of learning that I can help improve my knowledge of the world.All of this translate to me though as after investigating theis information, how am I actively going to live my life differently. These are usually bolted into 3 different types of actions:

1. Daily habits: These are habit that I do on a daily basis in order to imp[rove my life. These are swimming ever day, using the Getting things done method, talking to a stranger every day, taking vitamine and protein shakes. These are simple things that 80% of the day I carry out. Daily habit are what mold your skills anything that you aim to get good / talented at need to have a daily habit in order to back it up.

2. Weekly / monthly arrangements: These are a bit like habits, but they are not ao much about creating internal change. They are about external changes, I get my haircut once a month because I want to look good externally, I go to certain social events and preform n certain shows weekly and monthly because I want to build a reputation with other people and become established in certain social circles. Mothly and weekly arrangement allow me to effect external things in my life.

3. One off achievements: These are thing that I want to achieve, they are not so much change I want to bring about by proving and testing point for how far I have come. For example in Summer I’m going to put on a huge show, I’ve taken show to festival, I’ve built and set up a company, I done some crazy sex stuff. These have been one off achievement, from these I have improved my self image, learnt things and I have also improved my standing withine different external parties. But most of all one off achievements have firmed up my reality, every time I do a one off achievement, my understanding of the world and what I am capable withine it has been improved.

If I can take anyself help, I know I need to cut it down into these three categories and with them I can decide how useful they have been.