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I have just skim read the book ‘Date like a woman think like a man’ by Steve Harvey. It could be considered ‘The Game’ for women. In that case, I believe it could be considered a good thing. However, I don’t think it would actually work. Now, if you were to actually write the game when for women, it would be a really short book. It would go something like this “marry young, lose weight, be affectionate“. This however would not sell and would not get a huge film deal. So this book has been padded at and am filled with crap. Some of it would actually work. However, there are some basic problems with the methods involved.

Main concept: use of affection as a tool to get the men to do things that you want him to do (primarily to commit).

One of the main concepts of the book is that women give up sex too easily, and therefore men are not willing to work for it. Now this kind of sounds like the same PUA concept of getting a woman to invest and therefore be more committed to you. Sometimes this will work. Its a pretty well-known fact that once a man has slept with a woman the first time his motivation to do it again is considerably lower. It’s like there is this very special kind of novel value to the first time you sleep with a woman.

However in practice, I don’t think this will work as well as is suggested. The problem is value. A relationship will only last if both partners have a similar value and no amount of withholding sex or affection is actually going to raise a woman’s value. Actually it is more likely to lower it since the man will find her cold and calculating.

This approach works primarily as a filtering method, rather than a method of raising your value. For example, one of the main premises in the book is the you should make a man wait 90 days before sleeping him. Now if a man does wait 90 days he defiantly commit, but the chances are he has no other options (chances are, he probably wouldn’t get laid in 90 days anyway). However high value men (you know the men women actually want to commit to them) are going to have other women who will sleep with him. So she going to lose her chance at wooing him.

This process would actually work to help a woman get commitment, but the way it works is by lowering the women’s standards. She would no longer be dating the players who are never going to settle down with her so she wouldn’t be wasting her time on them. However, she also wouldn’t have the shot at impressing the higher value guys who are looking for commitment. What this system has effectively done has filtered out all of the good guys and left her with a low value men, who would be desperate to commit. Seeing as most women overvalue themselves in the dating market. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it also isn’t the fairy tale the book is selling. They might as well, just bring out a book that says start dating ugly, poor and unconfident men. This would have the same effect.

To make the comparison to the PUA teaching again, this is the same as suggesting he learns all the tricks to fake value without actually putting any work in to improve himself. So learning things like pickup lines, negs and so on. Without actually learning how to improve themselves, or learn how to make a woman happy. These types of PUAs who can sleep with a really hot women but can never have a relationship with one.

Online dating versus PUA training

Posted: February 16, 2013 in Game, Relationships

Online dating versus PUA training


Okay this blog talks a lot about how to become better at dating coming from the self improvement ‘becoming an alpha male’ point of view. This is something that might seem a little bit outside that remit, but stick with me.  I think all men at some point in their lives should go to a fetish club and I have a lot of good reasons.

1. It will completely destroy any nagging preconception that women don’t like sex!

Standard dating is based around the idea that men are the pursuers and women are the pursued. Most men start out with the concept that  men want sex and women don’t. This is starting to change a bit, but still as a young guy in the back of your head you think that men desire sex more than women. Usually most men who manage to lose this mind set is the kind of guy who has slept with a lot of beautiful women.  The PUA method of flipping the script is based around this, letting the women chase you. But to do this and be congruent with it, you need to understand that women want sex too, big time. The only difference is women are biologically programmed to only want it  from the best men possible, men are biology programmed to want it from every fertile looking women.

The reason why a fetish club does this better than anywhere else is because you experience it. It is completely accepted to everyone there. It is sooo in your face that after a couple of hours you would be completely acclimatized to it. You will be standing around chatting the most filthy acts, like you we’re talking about filling out your taxes.

2. Damm the women are hot.

This is what the average women look like in a normal club:

average club women

This is what the average women looks like in good quality fetish club:

hot fetish club girl

Or like this:

Alpha fetish girl

Seriously that is what most women look like. The reason being, you don’t get let in if your not prepared to wear something like that and if you don’t think you can pull it off you simple don’t go. You don’t have girl throwing their birthdays parties at fetish clubs, because 90% of their mate wouldn’t have the guts to come, primarily because they have to be that confident in their looks to pull this stuff off. Okay admittable these are models from Clairesville Boudoir Photoshoot in Birmingham  (Thanks for letting me use the picture girls love your stuff).

But believe me the standard is so much higher. (The exception here are the hard core play clubs, they tend to be more varied because it’s about the play more than the look).

3. People can be much more open about their preferences.

In normal clubbing, dating, sarging whatever. It’s strange to talk about sex, on first meeting people. Usually you have to work your way up about it. Some couple have been dating for years and never really talked about their sexual preference since it a bit of a weird conversation.

But at fetish clubs it’s easy. This drops one of the biggest taboos, 90% of women want to be dominated. 90% of women are turned on by a dominate man. Just look at the record sales of the 50 shades of grey (it’s a rip off of Story of O). The vast majority of women are turned on by a dominate male. In a normal club, this is taboo, women would blush push you away, call their protector males, if you try and be too dominate (Unless you have got really good game and can pull it off). In a fetish club you can straight out ask the women what they want and as long as it consensual you can do usually do it there and then.

Some of the stuff is breath taking.

4. It desensitizes you to beautiful naked women

Sex can be a nerve racking thing, especially if the women is hot. The two most common reason men fail to perform well in the sack is because the get to excited and cum too quickly or they get nervous and your sympathetic nervous system put you in fight or flight mode and as Wikipedia puts it:

The stress response halts or slows down various processes such as sexual responses and digestive systems to focus on the stressor situation and typically causes negative effects like constipation,anorexia, erectile dysfunction, difficulty urinating, and difficulty maintaining sexual arousal.

Simply put being in bed with a incredible beautiful women can make it hard to get a hard on if you are not used to it.

Where in this day and age do you get to stand around and chat with tons of near naked beautiful women (common outfit consist of just a mask to hide the women identify). If your regularly invited to the playboy mansion then that fine but most of us aren’t. The only other place I can think of is strip clubs, but to me the point that the women are being placed on such a pedestal is mentally quite an unhealthy thing.

5. People are so much nicer than normal clubs

Seriously people at fetish club are some of the nicest people you’ll meet. In normal club any idiot can get in, all the men are usually acting super macho to impress women. Fetish clubs are completely different, there is a feeling of acceptance and that the bar has been raise.  The people who come are usually pretty well educated, interesting unconfirmists, who all know their is quite a high level of trust required for you to be there.

Also the because the people tend to be more confident and people have stuff to talk about, people don’t feel the need to get blind drunk.

There are a lot of different type of fetish clubs, they all vary in the kind of night. I’m lucky enough to live in London so I have a pick of a lot of interesting night, their tend to vary from night like Torture garden which is much more about the clothes, to the kinky saloon which is more about fun sort of arts and craft  to some of the more extreme cubs that are based around play (i.e. more hard core bondage and S&M stuff like Decedence.

If you don’t know anyone to go with their are informal social meetup to introduce newbie to the scene called munches all over the world, join up at fet life (sort of fetish Facebook)  to find one close to you.

Any questions just drop a comment.

Tally peacocking like a twat

Posted: December 21, 2012 in Game

Hey you PUA Mystery method disciples out their have you run out of big furry hats, Gothic jewelry and patch work pants? Need something to out peacock the rest f the guys in the bar? Why not try Tally, the motorized tail which reacts to your heart beat to tell everyone how excited you are?


Check out the video here

This will definitely get people opening you. Because women love a man that dresses like a twat.

Getting actually useful dating advice is not easy. Ask your friends, they’ll say whatever will cheer you up. Magazines pump out vague generalities to appeal to the largest readership possible and real world specialist that are worth a damn are rare to say the least. This is where Dr Makeshift comes in.


I’m going to do a clinic (well at least until I’m bored of it). If you take the time to fill out what is a pretty hefty survey, I will give you a honest no holes barred appraisal of your situation plus advice on what your best options are.

Why should you listen to me?
  1. I’m remaining anonymous: My decision to remain anonymous gives me a lot of benefits. But the main benefit to you is I don’t have to worry about offending you, I can afford to be completely honest. I don’t need to sugar coat anything, I don’t need to worry about you screaming at me, threats of violence, so on. No real world ramification for me. Useful honest information for you.
  2. You remain anonymous: Unless you specifically want to be associated with this, I’m not going to out you. Their is no reason for me to, you can check back through all the case files to see that I’m honest to my word.
  3. My diagnosis is open to public scrutiny: I’m going to write a post about your situation, along with my advice. If people consider it rubbish, they can comment, Google note me, write a blog post having a go, whatever. I rarely moderate my comments, occasionally I will if I think they add nothing.
  4. I’m not trying to up sell you anything:  Presently I’m doing this mainly for my own benefit and to generate interesting content. I might add some thing in the future but not at the moment. I don’t want to sell you extra counseling session, make sure you subscribe or anything. That might change. But to be honest if I think you need to see a psychologist, that going to be the first thing I say. Heck I’m not even charging for the service at all at the moment. I might add in some queue jumping options in exchange for a donation.

First off I want to thank you for taking that amount of time and effort to really analyse my profile, obviously I’m grateful for ANY feedback but you really went the extra mile. thanks 🙂

Don – Wales

What qualifies me to give you advice?

I could say a number of things here. A lot of personal experience, my study of psychology and evolutionary biology, the point I have been active in the PUA scene for years, my need for testing, my adherence to logic and what I believe is a relatively clean lens that I see the world through. Also I did this for quite a while for a popular internet dating site.

But all this is highly subjective. I urge you to make your mind up for yourself. My writings are clear here, if you think what I say make sense then give me a shot, if you think I sound like a mad man then please don’t waste my time. Even though I have chosen to keep my identity private, my thought processes and opinions are far from it.


Go on you know you want to! What’s the worst that can happen.

Makeshift is right and he gave a good critique and I agree with him.

– Lioness

Thanks for all the advice, I’ll get to editing now!
Would you mind having another look when I’ve finished?

Shelley – Bristol

Okay I have done a very useful session with Snake skin he’s really good at giving me a skilled breakdown of how I’m doing. Also working on my inner game, we have been looking at reframing a lot of my beliefs.
This list is basically after a daygame session with him these are some new conclusions I have come to and his responses:

1: Skill level makes a big arse difference

True – BUT, the actual STRUCTURE I am applying is pretty much the same as what I’ve taught you – so the “difference” just lies in doing enough sets to get a gut level “feel” for how to calibrate – and a technical intuitive fluidity, which just comes from automating this stuff – again thru practise – that’s all it is 😉

Also, any anxiety, pessimism/apathy or “moral” issues you have with Daygame subskills basically “dissolves” as you get more experiences of “some girls LOVE this shit ;)”
A stoical acceptance that you actively EMBRACE the likelihood of a few hundred turdy or can’t quite close approaches to LEARN the CALIBRATION & smoothness, makes “rejection” seem pretty irrelevant – as long as you TRY to employ the skills, decisiveness, calibration & leading/dominance in all sets, the outcome of any individual interaction – however scary or frustrating it may be in the MOMENT – is ALL good – either you close, or learn, or get more smooth/brave – so the “successes” are sort of an incidental “side effect” of the OVERALL process.

2: Age seems to be less of a factor

Yeah! When I started to go grey it bugged me, but it soon became apparrent it makes me MORE attractive – girls DON’T think the same way as guys! Their brains scan for different qualities – including maturity – the most make-or-break male quakity is TAKING ACTION, not age/weight/looks etc. It helps but only say 20%

1: This will be a drawn out awkward interaction

Sometimes it will! BUT, you’ll still be learning what works/doesn’t, and even if it ends badly, she WON’T remember you in a month – doubtless she’s been approached before – if you don’t close, you are just another guy – this is a GOOD thing!, sort of “safely anonymous”. I calculate there are about 70,000 really hot girls in London – so we can afford to fuck up a LOT sets while we practise. Awkward in the moment maybe, but no pain no gain. AFTER a clunky set, just consider a few things you could have done DIFFERENTLY – eg did you fail to capitalise on a topic that came up in conversation, and be interesting or cocky or sexual etc – if so, just work out what you SHOULD have said! Sort of “edit” what happened in your memory, as it you’d played it better, and averted the awkwardness.

X2: Women will not be attracted to me

That Camille bird liked you, at least in the moment – did you try to phone her? Sometimes they need a bit of a nudge even if they like you. It’s just the mans job – that’s the deal 😉

3: Women will pity me and find me pathetic.

Tall Financially secure, artistic actor 😉  so if she DOES pity you, perphaps SHE is the one with distorted perception 😉 ALSO, in each fresh approach on another girl – you make a NEW first impression – so if you DO get a bit of a pity-pathetic type vibe off her, just FAKE a bit more self belief on the NEXT approach (talk slower, better eye contact, body language) – basically remember YOUR positive qualities as you open a new girl – if you cock your vibe up, SHE will miss out – so your effort to control your body and voice is for HER benefit, not yours.

4: Shes in a hurry / busy

Sometimes she is – but even a quick number close MAY meet you for a date if your vibe was warmed-up and awesome enough. Also, some “in a hurry” girls totally FORGET their previous plans once you approach & attract them. Also, if she’s in a hurry just frame this as BAD LOGISTICS – you are NOT being rude – it’s just bad luck. Also, thinking quickly and staying cool to TRY to glue a hurry girl to the spot with your game is EXTRA GOOD PRACTISE as they are harder to close than slow moving just floating about noting to do girls.

5. Talking about sexual things would be creepy

Its All a question of WHEN you do it! A calibration issue – sexualising things is done ONLY when you sense you have warmed her up enough with dominance, humour, comfort, passage of time etc – THEN, introduce sexuality in the THIRD PERSON, or thru INNUENDO – or sexual swearing “This club is FUCKING cool” etc, and GUAGE HER REACTION – if her body language perks-up keep rolling, but if she tenses-up, then back off the sex for half an hour and use other bits of your game. Maybe she wants you but it’s just a bit TOO SOON… game is basically about BALANCING risk taking with reading-HER-reaction. Yang plus yin – not a new concept 😉
Ok – that’s about it 😉 hope this helps – the way to use this email is basically to INTELLECTUALLY appreciate it, then go and actually game, and you’ll likely “FORGET YOURSELF” and click back into negative ways of viewing things – BUT, just try to be SELF AWARE of when this happens, and use your intellectual mind to “pull yourself back on track”, when your emotions go reactive in the moment. With practise this reprograms your expectations & perceptions – use logic to rewire your emotions, and ACTIONS…
Good luck – R

How to be successful at speed dating

Posted: October 13, 2011 in Game

Speed dating can be excellent fun and it’s definitely an effective way of meeting women. However speed dating does have a one major problem, the low quality of women. Beautiful women will get approached often in bar, in social settings, at work, they do not need to go to any kind of singles events. Also the type of men at these events are usually not confident enough to approach women in real life and since confidence is one of the main things that women find attractive then the men will be pretty low quality too.

Reality of speed dating

Guy was suppose to be shy but I think I just made him look miserable!

The events are pretty much bottom feeder places. Having said that you can meet the occasional hot women, usually they are new in town and have no social group established yet. Good news is if you have even a little bit of game you can clean up.

Here are my top tips:

Pick a big or niche event:

Most speed dating events are about 12 guys / 12 girls. This doesn’t give you a good chance of meeting someone you fancy + click with. The bigger the event the more chance you have. Also if your into wine go to a wine tasting speed dating event, if you Hindu go to a Hindu speed dating event, if your into kinky sex go to a kinky sex speed dating event, instantly improves the likely hood your meet someone you like.

Have some good questions prepared:

For a good conversations, try to avoid job, where they come from, how old are you. Questions should be playful and get to know the person rather than their statistics.

I like questions like these:

  • “What book that you read before the age of 16 had the biggest impact on you?”
  • “If you won the super lottery and more money than you could ever need, after you’d done all the partying and settled down. What would you spend the rest of your life doing?”
  • “Have you ever killed a man?”
Playfully tease women and have a go at them, try to avoid compliments.
Have the Frame that speed dating is cool:

Most people at these events will be at least a little bit ashamed of being there. Most people will pretend that they are there because they are supporting a friend or something. This is a miserable frame, to stand out take the frame of ‘Speed dating is a great Idea, I’m cool for doing this, I’m doing it because it’s efficient and I’m a busy and important person.’ don’t fall in the ‘I embarrassed, Isn’t this a sad thing to be doing.’ frame. It’s very unattractive and if you think it’s cool you will put her at ease to feel okay about it to.

Get the number there and then:

Don’t wait for the system to match you up. It’s very weak, if you like a girl get her number on the day. It’s shows confidence and that you are more of an Alpha male. Tell her your not going to bother with the card and ask for her number out right.

Talk to the girls before the dates:

Usually their is a 30 minutes gap before everyone is sat down and asked to talk to each other. Don’t bother waiting, start talking to the women immediately. Alpha men don’t polity wait until someone they have paid tells them they can talk to women. Just do it.

Have fun:

Seriously if you just do this you will stand out head and shoulders above the rest.