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The Marketing phrase “because your worth it” has been around since the mid 2000. This is just part of the ego rubbing of women that advertisers use to lubricate their purses, and made them demand that men pay more for the pleasure of their company.

Because your not worth it.

Let me just do a little lesson in economics, something is worth exactly what anyone is willing to pay for it. A woman may decide her value in the sexual market equates to wining and dining, and faithful monogamy with an alpha male, but if no one is willing to buy at that price then she is NOT worth it.

The main problem is that women are starting to value themselves based on advertising fed hypergamy and by the valuation scale that they use for men. For example an assertive, intelligent women with a successful career in her 30’s, thinks she is worth a man with slightly better traits at least. The problem is you don’t buy grain with grain, a man like that is looking for a hot feminine women in her 20’s and he has the values that she is looking for in exchange (this is a good deal).

All her career and confidence are either completely invisible to the guy or a negative when it comes to considering her as a partner.

In this day and age there is millions of post wall women, desperately trying to find a man now that their value has dropped through the floor, despite all the time they spent investing in their careers that no man give a hoot about.

So as far as business goes I believe this demographic is just going to get bigger and bigger and what with their large incomes and willingness to spend. I predict we will see more and aggressive ‘because your worth it marketing’ aimed at the post wall women.

If you want invest in shares in the future go for, cosmetic surgery, matchmaking services, cat toys (any child replacement stuff), fertility treatment, pre-punctured condoms manufactures (built for maximum leakage). Anything that pander to this wealthy, growing demographic.

In the past I had no problem with taxes. I believed I was helping out my country. I was contributing to a society and I was getting a pretty good deal. I lived in a safe society, we had good roads, had a good education, if I got ill I got looked after, paid for peacekeeping missions all around the world.

My view point has drastically changed over the last couple of years.

I hate where most my taxes are going. I feel I am paying to make this society activity worse with the barrel of a gun pointed at my head to make me do it.

Now my view point has changed

  • I see education as noneffective with a feminist bias.
  • I see the NHS as confused and struggling under red tape.
  • I see our military movement oversees as profit mongering.

But this isn’t actually the bit that drive me mad and makes me want to opt out. The bit makes me want to say fuck it, I’ll shut down my company and go live in a wood cabin somewhere is warfare and the continued support of single motherhood.

Recently the new inquiry published an article by Madeleine Schwartz that included this section:

There is nothing wrong with teenage or single motherhood. The things children need: economic livelihood, emotional support and an education, are not dependent on a nuclear family structure. … A couple cannot raise a child better than one can. Once we get rid of the idea that marriage is the privileged form of cohabitation and that women cannot raise children without the help of a man—ideas that the Left has been working to eradicate for decades—there is no reason that a teen should not be financially and emotionally assisted for her choice to have a family. The potential diffusion of the family (as the New York Times recently reported, it doesn’t look like the trends will stop anytime soon) is one of the most exciting things … since sexual liberation.

This article goes on to say:

What’s frightening about a teen mother is that her existence defies the patriarchal structure. It’s not only that teen mothers reproduce when poor, or uneducated. They haven’t conformed to the institutional model of marriage.

This is so so wrong, and completely misses the points. The problem with teen mothers, single mother or jobless couples having kids is that they cannot AFFORD them and at that point the government steps in and foots the bill. Where do they get the money? They raise taxes or get us more in debt! 

Either of these things are driving businesses to leave the UK, pushing us towards a financial meltdown, destroying worker ambition since increased pay just mean more tax.

This was best described by Chateau Heartiste:

Meanwhile, I suggest aspiring single moms who wish to truly Go Their Own Way (SGTOW?) practice what they preach and divest themselves of all male support, in whatever form. That means: no redistribution from unrelated men to single moms, no corporate welfare in the form of maternity leave or flex time or special insurance policy discounts, no government handouts predicated on number of children, no shamelessness exacerbating EBT cards, no punitive alimony or child support payouts, no affirmative action for the children of single moms. In short, no sexless drone provider beta male largesse to save single moms from a self-inflicted life of indigent misery.

The system is a mess. The sensible people with good jobs, who want children and can raise them well to be productive members of society, can’t afford them because all their money is taken in tax to help the irresponsible bad parents raise children.

The 2006 film Idiocracy explained it best in my opinion:

I understand it is not a simple solution, with governments getting voted in by giving benefits to feminist agender. It is evolutionary biology to want to protect children and to serve women. But this is leading us to a path of destruction. This is why I understand and approve of Men going their own way, the men’s right movement, herbivore men and going ghost (where you disappear from the system so that you can no longer be servant to the states).

I subscribe to the philosophy of Objectivism and would like to leave you with the famous John Galt Speech from ‘Atlas Shrugged’ by Ayn Rand. Where the productive people of the world have gone on strike and society has fallen apart.

Who is John Galt?

Question? Is it worth having a job in the UK?

Recently I was looking to decide between hiring people in the UK or outsourcing to another country. So I curious how much people get paid on benefits. So I put my details through the benefits check to see if I was unemployed how much I would be entitled to. Here is a screen shot of my results:

So I would be entitled to over £20K a year if I was on the dole. Holy crap! That took me back and I am a male, white, healthy, no dependents (i.e. A member of the least ‘worthy’ type of people in the world).

Okay now looking at what the average wage is in the UK:

Okay so lets say the average wage of someone working around 10 years in a job would be £30 K.

This is where the nasty bit kicks in, you do not get taxed on benefits.

So how much do you get taxed on £30k, here is the break down from worksmart tax calulator.

So now this mean the difference between working a job and being on the dole is £2,610.86 a year.

But wait there is more.

What about the costs involved with working?  Lets take traveling to and from work. This can vary massively depending on your journey but lets take car ownership for example. Car ownership cost on average £3000 a year.  Then lets say you need a couple of a suit a year and shirts and ties that would reasonable come to £800 a year. Now ignoring that you would probable need to spend more on food and drink. Lets say you spend £3500 extra on things necessary to do your job.

Now by working a job I would be taking home £889.14 less money then I would if I was on the dole.

And this is not at the beginning of your career, this is 10 years in!

And the real kicked is you need to work 2,085 hours and commute for around 600 hours for the privileged of  losing this money.

Now some of these stats may be off, this is my first time investigating. But you get my basic message, working in the UK is is a fool game, the smart people are on the dole.

Women no longer rate your career as a sexy thing, your far better off being a fun and interesting struggling artist, musician, writer, without the stress of your job on your shoulders. As a women  you get plenty of support from the government to help you raise your children, if you stay on the dole you can actually see them growing up.

And I as a employer, I can’t offer someone a entry level jobs which would a better deal for them then being on benefits. So it look like outsourcing is the best option.

Life review: Business

Posted: August 5, 2011 in Business / Money

My overall goal with my company is to be enjoyable, provide me with learning experiences and social power, also to provide me with money that in term give me security and the ability to live a have happy life. Freedom is very important  to me, without it I cannot optimise my life in the best way possible. So here is what I feel I need to work on in order to achieve these things.


  • Sort out pay structure so it rewards people accordingly and support the business (Agree pay structure, shares and contracts with Sanjay, Jitesh and solicitors – Deadline: End of september 2011)
  • Automate the client side of the business (upload, test and debug – Deadline: End of september 2011)
  • Finish the eDonum project prototype (Write Spec, get the system being built – Deadline: End of september 2011)
  • Track the problems caused in company make sure it is reducing (Create a system that tracks this – Deadline: End of september 2011)
  • Create a useful accurate control panel which allow me to over see what going on (Create a system that tracks this – Deadline: End of september 2011)
  • Lose the top 10% of our most awkward clients and Double the amount low trouble clients (Identfiy client, start marketing, talk to Sanjay – Deadline: End of November2011)
  • Have £100,000 in the bank as security (Sort out Saving, and spending. Put user control panel in place, actively advertise – Deadline: End of November2012)
  • Have a turn over of 1 million pounds+ (Sort out Saving, and spending. Put user control panel in place, actively advertise – Deadline: End of November2012)
  • Own the property which the company uses as it’s base (Sort out Saving, and spending. Put user control panel in place, actively advertise – Deadline: End of November2012)
  • Get £2000 a month from advertising (Build is advertsing sections – Deadline: End of January 2012)
  • Changed the focus of the company to be spending at least 50% of its effort into building website assets, that are high quality and deserve to exist in the web-a-sphere. (Sort out VA and support to deal with the common probles, crop clients, reduce scoop of work – Deadline: End of November2011)
  • Be able to take a month off without any problems. (Sort out VA and support to deal with the common probles, crop clients, reduce scoop of work – Deadline: End of November2011)

Bad belief:

  • I’m too easy-going
  • I’m scared of conformation
  • I need to work hard
  • Clients won’t pay us much
  • When the phone rings it’s going to be trouble
  • If I’m not working hard I should feel bad
  • I’m responsible for pleasing all my clients
  • I unsure of what I’m doing
  • I’m scared of failing clients, trying to control everything
  • I need to respond to everyone
  • I need to please everyone
  • I’m responsible for the success of the client’s business

Worst 2 – Sedona Method:

  • If I’m not working hard I should feel bad
  • I’m scared of failing clients, trying to control everything

Good believes to build:

  • We can build anything
  • We are a quick flexible company
  • I trust and have confidence in my colleagues
  • We live in a market place of plenty
  • We reinvest into ourself heavily
  • I enjoy my job
  • We are cutting edge
  • We concentrate on the 20% that make the most effect

Top two to work on – Use for affirmation:

  • We live in a market place of plenty
  • We reinvest into ourself heavily

Skills required:

  • Concentration / focus



Books on business / Money

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Business / Money

So far in my life only a few books have really hit home when it comes to business. So this will be a quick and easy post.

The 80/20 rule

This book is fantasic and to my opinion is the difference between a successful business and a failure. The concept is that rought 80% of your results come from 20% of actions. This is the universal law of inbalance, once you have accept and internallised what this means, have of the challange come from figuring out what the 20% is and then increasing the amount you do.

80/20 rule can be used across the board, to any section of life love, business, fittness training, anything. Once you figure out the 20% simple by just doing that you should be able to increase your success by 5 times.

If you don’t have it yet get this book.

The E-myth

Now I have alove hate relationship with this book, the content is eye opening and can saving you from making a lot of mistakes, but I hate the way Micheal E Geber writes. It comes across like a love story, the words, passion / love is every other sentance. You get the impression he wrote this just to get into the girl he discusses pants.

But the content is great, brilliant really, anyone starting a business should read this.

Rich dad poor dad

When it comes to managing money this books is the best, it instills a concept of how have great relationship with money. Primarly it instill the concept of assests versus liabilites.  To me the only thing that is left out is the point out the self help and education as one of the best forms of investment that you can make.


Apart from these I think the most benefit is got from reading specific to the sector business that you are in.