We should shame ‘Single mothers’!

Posted: January 23, 2013 in Journal, Relationships
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If a women chooses to have child, without the fathers consent and cannot support it herself. We should shame her. Now I’m not talking about mother where their husband have left them or died. I’m talking about this situation where a women (who has all the control in the world) has got herself pregnant and decided to keep it knowing full well that someone else would bear the cost.

What wrong with Single mothers? 

Well lots. Lets look at what are arguable the three biggest problems in the world today: over population, the economy and the environment.

You might pick three other things, but I pick these three because these are the ones that are most likely plunge us into the dark ages and possible kill us all. That my reasoning, your welcome to your own.

Okay let me in first connect the dots here. Single mothers are producing children they cannot support, the point they are producing children at all add the over population part of the equation, the children produced in single parent families are much less likely to be productive members of society.

Here is some cheery stats:

  • 63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes
  • 90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes
  • 85% of all children who show behavior disorders come from fatherless homes
  • 80% of rapists with anger problems come from fatherless homes
  • 71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes
  • 75% of all adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers come from fatherless homes
  • 85% of all youths in prison come from fatherless homes.

This is where it add to the economic side of the equation, the government is having to support these single parent families rather than pay off our big arse debts. Secondly the children raised in these families are much less likely to be productive members of society.

Not to mention the father in the majority of these situations the father are robbed of the chance of raising a child on term that he would have liked, often leaving him  demoralized and unable to afford to start a more conventional family and less likely to bust his gut in his career just to give the money to a kid he never see and a women who ruined his life.

This is on the increase, here is the breakdown over the years:


The environmental thing really just connect to over population.

So I declare we SHOULD shame single mothers.

(Without the fathers consent and an inability to support it herself)

Okay sounds horrible right. However if you agree with the premise that this is a problem and this is on the increase and without something being done, we are most likely going to end up in a country / world in a complete mess. At some point we will need to do something about it. Here are the other options that spring to mind:

Forcing sterilization / abortions. 

Well we can’t afford them, we can’t feed ourselves any more. We need to stop them before the kid is born. You can either start sterilizing people and get them to apply to have it reversed or we can start state enforced abortions.

Leaving children to starve in the street. 

Stop all funding to help children and let them starve in the streets. This is already pretty common place in 3rd world countries and we know how pretty that looks.

Start killing people.

People are getting in this nasty habit of living longer and longer these days and if we are pumping out more and more kids that are just so damn cute. then we need to get rid of some of the people that kicking around. We could do this on a merit based system, money based system or just get rid of anyone over a certain age. Sally Gearheart (Previous head of gender studies at  San Francisco State University)  believes:

The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race. — Sally Miller Gearhart

That would go some way to reducing the problem, but I can see a couple of issue with that.

Okay so if your a sane human you probably don’t like the sound of any of those solutions.

Evolution has always had restrictions on population growth and the most successful animal would be the ones that would hit the best balance between amount of offspring and the chances of their survival.  So if food was sparse a bird would only have a couple of eggs since the chances to 2 well fed children surviving would be much higher survival than 10 starving ones and on top of that in the wild if you couldn’t provide for your children they died.

This system still applies to humans, resources will limit our survival, it just the whole horrible reality of the situation that is not realized yet. We have not had to watch the children starve with our own eyes.

In our world the state has stepped in and basically provides for children in the occasion that the women can not, this has effectively removed the fear of her children death, allowing her the luxury of having as many children as she wants. Yep she might not live in a life of luxury but if her driving force  is to reproduce then she can do it.

Stuff like this I think is really dangerous:


Again the women with tons of cash, or lesbian couples or people with a great family support system. These people are taking responsibilities are okay in my book (unless it against the father wishes). But ‘shaming’ I consider really a call for these women to take responsibility for their actions. Kids cost a lot of money, kids brought up without a support system are much more likely to be messed up and you are dragging everyone else into the equation at the same time.

These are some things that I think would have a good thinks that could help:

  • Remove any stigmatization around abortion and passionately call out anyone who is pro life, anti abortion. These people are leading us to a much more likely armageddon than any of their religions predicts.
  • Men, wear a condom. Getting her pregnant can ruin your life just a bad as any STD.
  • But above all else, stop any one blocking the male pill. Giving men extra power over who they get pregnant will go a long way to helping sort out this problem.
  1. Anon Man says:

    I am not sure how I feel about this. Whilst I do agree in general that if as a society we still looked down on raising a child on your own as a bad thing (like we did just a short few generations ago) then this would encourage people to both stay together, but more importantly to think twice before just popping kids out in the knowledge that they would be both socially supported by their friends AND financially supported by the state.

    However, I also come from a very white middle-class privilidged background, which means that of the couple of ladies I know where the marraige has broken down and they are single mothers, they are not relying on the state to provide and pay for their situation. They are working hard to ensure that the child(s) are brought up well with good solid values of contributing to society rather than teaching them to drain off the state etc. So all the direct examples (they are few) in front of me are of women who are doing this well and are not contributing to our decline back into the dark ages.


    • It’s hard because people in that circumstance are trying to make the best of a best situation. This is why I have gone to such extent in this post to highlight “Without the fathers consent and the ability to support it”.

      Women leaving an abusing marriage / have a husband leave them are victims. Women who just want a baby because there cute and their biological clock is ticking are a liability. Whilst they are treat like it not they are not to blame and give all the ‘you go girl’ support in the world the problem just stands to get worse.

  2. BarneyRubble says:

    Kids brought up without a support system are much more likely to become PUA scumbags

  3. Having children without having plans is like to blowing bombs in the market. I do not consider single mothers but also, specially in some countries, families that have more children to have more money from the government, a time bomb. I have friends in Brazil and the way the federal government is dealing with this is with incentives for irresponsable and unemployed people to have more and more children, to receive government support. This is something against Evolution Tehory.

  4. X says:

    MakeshiftAlpha trying to be Roissy and succeeding.

    Start killing people is a good idea IMO. Too many beta losers and 30+ women on this planet.

  5. Thanks, I am a huge fan of Roissy. Think I’m ranting too much though, been watching too much girl write what lately and Aurini. I’ve got to get back on some more useful stuff and stop being so nihilistic.

    Don’t worry I got a really fun one about how to manage your finances in the oven, so stay tuned for that.

    (Presuming your joking when talking killing thing)

    • thebody@ says:

      I am a Roissy fan too. He is a hottie


    • thebody@ says:

      In becoming Roissy, you celebrate his genius. You are one in a million and a true wannabe.
      My hat is off to you, MakeShiftAlpha.

      • Not sure what your point is any more thebody. Seems backhanded sarcastic insults (which I’m total fine with please continue). But I worry that your trying to hint toward something i’m not getting. I know all the stuff said here is controversial and I think that a good thing, if your just repeating the accepted wisdom and spouting platitude in order pander to people then whats the point.

        I suppose as a objectivist I’m pretty right wing in my thinking, so I don’t see that as necassaerily a bad thing.

        Just if I’m missing something you might need to spell it out a bit more for me.

  6. thebody@ says:

    Looking forward to your fun 1 about finances. Keep up the between good and bad work, chap.

  7. Maz says:

    Seriously, you need to relax. What you’ve written almost reads as though “the three biggest problems in the world today: over population, the economy and the environment” would be solved solely by shaming (or inhumanely treating) single mothers who have children without the fathers consent and who don’t have the ability to support those children. In order to make your argument more convincing you need to prove that this group, who you emotionally rather than rationally attack, cause a big impact on the “three biggest problems in the world”. I know that there are a lot of other, more major, issues that should be addressed in tackling global problems but they’re being sidelined due their entanglement with geopolitical and national political interests.

    • Thanks Maz, seems well intentioned genuine feedback therefore I’m keen to address.

      Okay let me address these what I believe your points are here:
      1. I have made an emotionally attacked rather than put forward a rational argument, therefore undermining my message.
      2. The point that I seem to be assigning sole blame for the worlds trouble to this group, also undermines my message.
      3. Their are other bigger issue that I should talk about which are more impactful in these instances.

      Let me look at each point:
      I have made an emotionally attacked rather than put forward a rational argument, therefore undermining my message.
      Now I’m reading over the post again and to me it doesn’t seem like an emotional attack. It has a lot of clarification and seems to explain the logic quite straight forwardly. It start with a declaration, my premises and the alternatives. Occasionally I have had a go bit of a rant or been a bit sarcastic but that seems the exception. I can’t even see one point I even insulted single mothers (just implied we should).

      This is an attack, which I do feel emotional about, but that does not mean that it unfounded. Is their any specific part which you feel I have let emotion take over?

      The point that I seem to be assigning sole blame for the worlds trouble to this group, also undermines my message.
      Now this is probable something that I didn’t get across that well. I believe this is a massive problem, and I believe it is one of the underlying causes rather than symptom of all these problems and as we go into the future it’s getting worse and worse. Environmental issues, financial downturn so on, I see as symptoms of over population.

      Their are other bigger issue that I should talk about which are more impactful in these instances.
      I don’t want to assign sole blame to single mothers, but to me the population growth seems to be coming from, 3rd world countries (not a huge amount we can do about that), life expectancy raising and single mothers. What are the other factors which I have overlooked? The other things is single mothers are raising the wrong kind of children, not the kind which are going to grow up to sort the worlds problems out.

      Really in this context, what have I overlooked? Why shouldn’t single mothers be held responsible?

  8. Interesting…here’s the deal…get the government out of the illegitimate baby business..start programs which support intact families, not single parent households, and, yes, ostracize those who choose to get pregnant out of wedlock. Nothing draconian, just go back to making people pay for what they do and much of the problem will go away by itself.

  9. thebody@ says:

    The 3 biggest problems in the world today: Christianity, Judaism, Islam.

  10. Carl says:

    “Thanks, I am a huge fan of Roissy. Think I’m ranting too much though, been watching too much girl write what lately and Aurini. I’ve got to get back on some more useful stuff and stop being so nihilistic. ”

    LOL, Aurini just single-handedly created a single mother and destroyed a white family, betraying his so-called “friend.” Dude was fucking Jay Bryce’s wife Anne Skuza and convinced her to abandon her children, steal a shit ton of money from the Bryce’s mutual bank account, and come live with him in Canada. And he is glorifying Anne on his facebook page, calling the adulterating whore his sexy princess, etc. How have you not heard of this? He is a joke of a “man.”


  11. A bunch of Right wing bullshit. Go say it at a tea party rally

  12. Next Adam Lanza is writing this crappy blog

  13. Name? says:

    You speak of “Roissy”. He’s not alpha. He would be alpha if girls come to him and beg for his cock

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