The Wile E. Coyote Moment – Women hitting 30

Posted: December 20, 2012 in Relationships


As we covered in a previous post about sexual market value, women have this sharp cliff like drop in value around the age of 30 this we refer to as the Wile E. Coyote Moment. It come in about here, it would vary depending on how well the women looks after herself:

Sexual Value Wile E Coyote

The girls from Garfunkle and Oates did a great song about it here. Enjoy!

  1. EltaX says:

    A woman’s attractiveness doesn’t take a swan dive after 30

  2. There are exceptions, but as a general rule it stands. If you disagree then back it up with something and the “I fancy older women” isn’t evidence.

    • Arina says:

      I see why you are called “makeshift alpha”. You have very little experience from what I am guessing. I am 34. I look a lot younger than 30. I get carded all the time. My looks actually went UP in the “market” this year with the help of my Sir when I realized just how drop dead gorgeous I am.

      My disagreement is your lack of logic on this entire blog. I am laughing, though, so thanks for the comical reprieve.

    • ______ says:

      Ì will share a dirty secret with you: I fancy “younger” women AND “older” women. (though I can`t really consider 30 old since I am almost 30 myself)

      Enjoy your weekend

    • ScandinavianWomenAreNotLikeBread4real says:

      Its not like a girl has her 30th birthday and she undergoes a dramatic, radical appearance change that makes her unattractive.

    • BarneyRubble says:

      “Older” women?

      Is a 31-year-old “middle aged”?!?! I didn’t think so, either! The only people who say 30 is old are people who are still living in the Stone Age

  3. EltaX says:

    I agree that the peak of attractiveness occurs usually in the early twenties but that does not mean that a woman’s attractiveness dissipates entirely after 30

  4. No not entirely, specifically if she looks after herself.

  5. It could very well be that I’m delusional because I’m 43 and wanting to believe this about myself, but I have a lot of friends who got a lot better looking in their late 30s. True, some people really started to “decline,” but there’s a select few who made a weird shift and actually got hotter.

    • Boissy says:

      most girls start lookin old & wrinkly past 25- 26

    • Their are some outliers, Nigel Lawson springs to mind. But they are the exception and like us all it’s just fortunate delay usually brought on by looking after themselves.

      In china the feminism party is start calling women over 27 ‘left over women’

      “These kind of girls hope to further their education in order to increase their competitiveness, the tragedy is, they don’t realize that as women age, they are worth less and less, so by the time they get their M.S. or Ph.D. they already old like yellowed pearls”Leta Hong Fincher

      • EltaX says:

        Men age like an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes. Women age like a white liquid produced by the mammary glands of mammals. In conclusion, man is the superior primate.
        The womanzee is weak and frail. Happy new year

  6. Sarcasm, cool. Thanks EltraX, if you disagree with anything would be nice if you back it up with something.

  7. RoadRunner says:

    The Wile E. Coyote Moment – American Women hitting 20

  8. Boissy says:

    women are magically thin, slender, tight-skinned at 24, then MAGICALLY at 28 they are saggy and loose skinned

    • EltaX says:

      That’s likely to become an irrelevance soon thanks to regenerative medicine & the biological defeat of the aging process

  9. EltaX says:

    The only real problem I have with your graph is:

    my gf is 26 years old.
    so in 4 years she will be worthless? 😦

  10. 5 years into a relationship usually the sexual charge that rules you in the beginning is fading and it become more about companionship and shared goals (like starting family so on). The difference is her options will have shrunk and your will not necessarily have.

  11. _____ says:

    Have you been rejected by women so many times that you feel the need to strike back at the most vulnerable part of women’s self-esteem?

    • Yes that exactly it, finally someone understands. I’m an emotional mess. I just sit there at night gun in my mouth, trying to summon up the courage to end it all!

      But no to be honest the blog not really aimed at women so much. What I’m trying to do is to illustrate, the power shift and level the playing field. Women power comes from the men’s evolutionary instinctive to protect, please and try to impress women. Feminism feeds off this and has become a horrible beast destroying everything in it path.

      Also it’s the truth, feminism is telling women they can have it all, the career, the family, the alpha male husband. But in reality if women concentrate on their career first then start to look for a great husband post 30, they will have a considerably lower value. Like the girls say in the song: “Well I’m positive fertility always begins to atrophy, when infantile fantasy eclipses true reality!”

      It’s a bitter pill to swallow, reality can be harsh sometime, but it’s better to squarely look it in the face and deal with it, rather than live in a fantasy to protect people’s precious self-esteem.

      • thebody@ says:

        “but it’s better to squarely look it in the face and deal with it, rather than live in a fantasy”

        That`s what I said to my religious friend

  12. _____ says:

    Thank you for your response, kind sir.

    I read on another blog that the Wile E. moment is at age 34-36, so I dunno what to believe.
    All I know is that
    opinion is opinion till proven as fact.

    • It’s not really set in stone, as mentioned before the Chinese feminist groups are calling unmarried women over 27 ‘left over women’. How well a woman looks after herself / how good her genes are / her weight will have big impact on the decline.

      30 is usually a realization point, because as a round number psychologically people reconsider their self image.

      It also hit some women harder than others, some women who where really pretty in their youth would be so used to people treating them that way that when they lose it can be quite traumatic.

      • _____ says:

        “the Chinese feminist groups are calling unmarried women over 27 ‘left over women’ ”

        I bet they also say that all men are satan worshippers 😉

      • X says:

        A 27 year old still has at least 8 good years left to reproduce

      • Hey a 61 year old women gave birth to twin last year. Science is extending fertility period dramatically.

        But that not the problem, it’s not about logic. It’s about the reptile side of the brain. Men primarily get love struck over fertility / looks. Women primarily get love struck over power / status.

        It about the ability to attract a good mate, who wants to reproduce with you and raise a child.

        The drop in market value is perceived more than a logical calculation. The drop off point / the wall so on, is when women suddenly notice that men no longer desire them like they used to.

    • Ahh I was looking for that. I actually found it after having writing the article. Cheers

      • ______ says:

        Take a look at this:

        If I met one of these PUA people in person I’d punch them in the face.
        Ageing and loss of beauty is a terribly cruel thing that nature forces females to endure.
        It is not funny.

      • Yep, it’s not pulling any punches, but he gets the point across. It doesn’t make it any less true.

        In reality if you met a good PUA in real life you’d probable really like them. They’ve spent a lot of time honing the skills of being like-able. Even if they are not hitting on you they tend to make fun company.

    • X says:

      I must admit DaiRoosh is a funny guy:

      `When a loaf comes out of the oven (puberty), it’s warm and delicious. You can’t help but stuff yourself. (18-24 years old)

      When you leave the loaf out, it gets a little hard. You have to heat it up with a toaster first, but it still won’t taste fresh. (25-29 years old)`

      In conclusion: 24 is “fresh”. 25 is not. Colour me confused.

  13. ScandinavianWomenAreNotLikeBread4real says:

    One would think the change is negligible between 21 and 28 or even a woman’s early thirties.
    But I guess “alpha” men of all ages are really only interested in women under 27 or 28 or 30 or whatever arbitrary cut-off you choose. :-p

    • PUAsLikeUnderageGirlzBetterThan FullyDevelopedWomen says:

      Are Garfunkle and Oates left-over women? 😀

      • thebody@ says:

        Left-over women indeed. I heard that a womans mid- to late-20s are the years in which she is most likely to attract the highest quality man she can get. By 30+ an average woman is not even worth a dinner date at a cheap fast food joint

        Women are commodities….not people!

  14. X says:

    I bet almost all women are more attractive when they are 28 compared to 14

  15. Maz says:

    Women peak after puberty. Research has shown that young boys are attracted to older women i.e. women they see in porn magazines or celebrities because they have passed puberty and are displaying well developed fertile features i.e. breasts, attractive waist-to-hip ratio etc. so a thirteen year old girl will most likely be overlooked by her peers and by older men unless she learns how to manipulate her appearance to look older. Obviously there are those that aare an exception to the rule and develop quicker than others at a much younger age but in most cases women’s sexually attractiveness peaks at sixteen.

    • Maz says:

      Adding to what I’ve said, even though you’re post is based on level of physical attractiveness; you fail to mention as a comforting caveat that for most men, as they get older, they tend to not only look for physical attractiveness in a woman. For instance, a 30 year old man who could date a 21 year old woman over a 29 year old woman may go for the older woman because she has a high level of self-confidence and emotional maturity.

      • I agree their are loads of other values that cause men to commit to a relationship with a less physically attractive women (i.e. older). But they tend to fall into two main categories:

        1. Genuinely enjoying her company.
        Men will often value a women based on her personalty. Yep it’s true, unfortunately sex / sexual attraction is the glue that holds a relationship together. Without the physical desire, most these relationship are just drawn out painful breakups, where the guy just is too chicken to hurt her feeling.

        2. Settling due to lack of self esteem / laziness.
        Pursuing younger, hotter women can be hard work. Lots of men will go for a older women simple because it’s the path of least resistance and they prefer it to a life lived alone. Sometimes this isn’t such a bad thing. If the two of them are nice to each other and also enjoy each other company this isn’t such a bad option. But don’t be fooled into thinking the man desire the older women for her ‘high level of self esteem and emotional maturity’.

        No man turns around to his mates and goes, “Fucking hell, met this girl who was super high self esteem, and man she was soo emotional mature. I just wanted to rip her clothes off there and then.”.

        Confidence is actively seen as a unattractive trait in women and emotional maturity is just preferred because it mean you don’t need to put up with temper tantrums.

    • thebody@ says:

      The youthful woman has large eyes and plump lips. The apparent size of these features peaks in the early 20s when fertility also peaks.

  16. thebody@ says:

    “Sex / sexual attraction is the glue that holds a relationship together”

    So why are my grandparents still together?


  17. Thade says:

    I like confident women.
    Must be something wrong with me. I might be brainwashed by them feminists

  18. LeaveaReply says:

    The graph is consistent with the Dating Market Value Test For Women found at Chateau Ephebophile.

      • LeaveaReply says:

        What is reality but a concept unique to each of us?

      • LeaveaReply this is ridiculous comment. A point that can be used to debunk anything and add nothing to a debate. Yes we all see the world through a lens, but the core of all science, technology all comes down to the concept that reality exists independent of consciousness, that human beings have direct contact with reality through sense perception, that one can attain objective knowledge from perception through the process of concept formation and inductive logic.

        The article may be wrong, this is the conclusion I have come to. Question and correct my premises, but it is this kind of thinking which make me most sick. The ooowwww can we really know anything. . It is the refusal to even accept the challenge of thinking that to me one of the biggest crimes you can commit.

  19. OxyElite says:

    @ Arina

    “I see why you are called “makeshift alpha”. You have very little experience from what I am guessing. I am 34. I look a lot younger than 30. I get carded all the time. My looks actually went UP in the “market” this year with the help of my Sir when I realized just how drop dead gorgeous I am.”

    Nigga please, you best be trolling – or the exception to the rule. Most girls age like shit after high school (carb up, party all the time), then they hit a second cycle in college (carb up, party all the time again) and they look like shit. They try their best time lose the weight, then they get married and balloon up.

    There is an old saying that goes “men age like fine wine, women age like milk.” The info graph is accurate enough. Enjoy your declining SMV.

    >imply I didn’t fuck and dump a rich 30 years old business woman.

    • thebody@ says:

      Some men age better than women but many, some even as young as their late twenties, start to lose hair, develop a beer gut and premature wrinkling. How is that aging like fine wine?

      • Aren’t we going in circles here. Women are valued on looks, like milk look gets worse over time, Men are valued on ‘power’ which increases over time, as he gain job experience, his confidence increases and wealth is accumulated, like a fine wine.

  20. thebody@ says:

    Yeah yeah,evolutionary psychology. That`s all fine & dandy, but when people like OxyElite say men “age like fine wine”, they are talking about physical appearence/looks, not status, money etc. And they stand corrected.

  21. Name? says:

    “The age of Wall impact varies from woman to woman, but it generally converges for most women between the early 40s and 50. Some exceptional female specimens with a fortuitous suite of anti-aging genes can perhaps extend meager traces of their former physical glory well into their 50s, but these are exceedingly few in number. 99% of women you meet in daily life will have hit The Wall by their 50th birthday. An unfortunately larger minority of women will have been unlucky in beauty longevity and hit The Wall as young as their early 30s. Sadly, tragically, the first glimpses of The Wall cresting the horizon will be visible to most women by their 35th birthdays.”


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