Concentrate on what is within your circle of control

Posted: December 18, 2012 in Self improvement

In the world today their is a lot of stuff to worry about. The economy is going to pot, feminism is ruining relationships and is adding to the whole economy problem. Then on top of this the environment that probable going to kill us all if the nuclear war doesn’t first. Now recently I’ve been watching a lot of scary shit on youtube and their is a lot of scary shit on youtube. I was tempted to post some of it here. I think it’s important to know this stuff, it all about living in the real word.  All come under understanding the world in my how to be an alpha male section.

However there is a flipside to this. First of all I’m taking for granted your primary goal in life is ‘To Be Happy’ if it’s not you need help. To be happy at some point you need to take responsibility and control of what you consume, not just food and drink. I’m primary talking about information(Even though the food and drink stuff is important to). First of all check out this sketch Bill hicks did back in 1990.

TV, News and advertising want to scare you, it needs to depress and shock you, it main goal is to keep you engaged and scaring people is so much easier then amusing or titillating them. A lot of this stuff is worth being scared about to, a lot of these problem could come to pass. But if you primary goal is ‘To Be happy’ you are going to need to draw a line about what you are going to worry about and in my opinion this line should be your circle of control (i.e. what you have active control over).

And the way to do this is to control what input comes into your system. This are my generally rules (which recently I’ve been failing to live up to):

  • Never watch the news / read news papers (Important news your real friends can tell you)
  • Attempt to reduce the amount of advertising I consume.
  • Don’t associate / hire compulsory miserable people.
  • I Try to concentrate on consuming stuff that I find funny, actually useful to me, or fun (usually nerdy stuff).

This doesn’t mean I’m living in some kind of illusion ignoring reality. It actually means the opposite in a a strange way, since I’m controlling the sources of information that I input I have a greater ability to judge them on their own merit. Also I’m selecting the information that will help me make decisions on things that I can actually effect.

For example, I don’t vote. I see it as a pointless activity, on the odd occasions I have voted I have thrown the vote away to the green party. I don’t vote for a number of reasons, but the main one is I believe it will have no determinable effect on my life.  But with the half an hour it takes me to vote plus the 10+ hours I should put into getting myself educated to the level where I would consider myself informed enough to vote. I can achieve a lot which would be of benefit to myself, my family and I people care about.  In the UK the we have 2 very similar parties and their too scared to actually do anything. In practice I’m making a decision who face I would enjoy seeing on the telly and in newspapers more  (both of which I try my best to avoid).

Now I’m already considerable more educated than 90% of the country populous, have a good understanding of economics and psychology and run a business. I should be a person who cares what goes on in politics. But I don’t, because it is outside of my circle of control. I’ll rant it about it but that because I find that fun.  But that half an hour, I would have spent voting I can effect stuff within my circle of control and improve my life. Maybe in future my circle of control will expand to the point where politics will be if interest to me, but until then I’ll keep my half an hour and do something more interesting thank you.

My main point is you are responsible for your own happiness and a lot of this is due to the inputs that go into your life. Investing your time and energy into things you have control over is a lot more effective then, just lets the scaremonger decide what you should be thinking .


So take stock of what your inputs are into your life. On a day to day basis this is going to have a bigger effect on your happiness. I’ll leave you with this fantastic TED speech on happiness by Shawn Anchor about how you actually function better the happier you are:


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