Sexual market value over time

Posted: November 3, 2012 in Evolution, Relationships
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Sexual Market Value (SMV) is defined as the value a person has within the sexual marketplace. It has an effect much like any market place the higher your value the higher value partner you can demand.

The interesting thing is how this varies over time and gender.

So on this graph we are rating the SMV for men and women over their lifetime. 100 is the most in demand 0 is no demand at all.

Now all these stats vary, but it should be understood that woman sexual market place value is based on reproductive value and mens are on their survival traits.

So you have this case where women start off with a very high initial value, youth bumps their SMV to the highest it will ever be (minus major plastic surgery) then it stay generally high until they hit their 30’s where they have this cliff like drop off.

Men’s SMV  is much more connected to thing like confidence, power, earning ability so on. So they start getting higher value as they get into their late 20’s.

Now this is where it gets interesting, i’m going to break it down.

I’m not breaking down the women’s side since it is so overwhelmingly connected to their looks, that it would be same  curve just higher or lower on the graph depending on how attractive they are.

However the way men act in the world massively effects their SMV, so lets look at men broken down into Alpha Males and Beta Males.

So your SMV is the price you can demand in a partner. So as you can see here some common relationships:

  • The average age of marriage is around 30, where the beta maless value and the female’s value start to come in line. At this point women’s options are shrinking and getting a guy to commit is important.
  • Seeing a young girl hooking up with a alpha male twice her age.
  • Seeing male sex symbols in his 50’s
  • Tons of Beta Males in their early 20 having real problem getting a date
  • Loads of women in their 30 confused where all the good men have gone.

Now we see a more realist view of the sexual market place. This visually explains a lot of things. For example:

1. Why women in their early 20 sleep around with a lot of Alpha males then reach their 30 and are shocked that the Alpha male of the same age of them have no desire to date them. Even the Beta males that they turn their nose up at 5 years ago seem very reluctant to make any real investment in a relationship with them.

2. Why women are much more interested in marriage or anything that shows a males commitment level. A women value drop steadily through their lives so a long term commitment benefits them considerable more than a man, who’s options and value does not plummet in such a dramatic manner.

3. Note the period of time that Alpha males value remains high, This means even though they are few in number they have a lot longer time to date women at the peak of the SMV.

4. It also explains why Women dating a older man, is such a usual thing, however a women dating a younger man garners such a high level of interest. Seeing a man actual commit to a woman more than 10 years older than him, is very rare and almost unheard of if the guy has any alpha trait at all.

  1. EltaX says:

    the graph is bs

    that line should drop off a cliff at 30 for both men and women.

    • maven4 says:

      its very simplified split between alpha/beta. in your case its rather superalpha/total-omega.

      in reality guys are mix of those –
      add average beteeen those two and you will see average working-class man value tops in late 30.

  2. In part it is a sliding scale. But you’ll find these average people will tend to be nearer the beta curve then in then between the two. Women are all looking to marry up and men below them are effectively invisible. All groups can only have one alpha at any time. Plus with women standard raising I wouldn’t hold out. It not the effect of the men value getting high in late 30’s it the effect of womens value dropping.

    You see true alpha are still screwing 20 years old in their 40’s. A average working-class man in his late 30 usually get a women 30+.

    An actual ‘total-omega’ would flat line, women can always get better genes for getting drunkenly laid in a club and support from the state.

    • EltaX says:

      “You see true alpha are still screwing 20 years old in their 40′s.”
      Mid-life crisis alpha that is

      • Men find younger women more attractive regardless of the state of ‘crisis’ they are in, the only difference is opportunity. Calling it a mid-life crisis is often just a shaming tactic.

  3. EltaX says:

    I understand. 40 year old guy in mid-life crisis wants 20 year old girl with daddy issues

    • Let me guess ElraX, your a 30+ female. Who find the point that the men who used to flirt with you are now polite and disinterested, infuriating. You think these men should just ignore their our personal desires, ‘man up’ and miserably chain themselves to someone like you?

  4. Wow I was totally off base. Why the insistence that men wanting to sleep younger women and the girl finding powerful older men attractive is a mental illness, rather than a biologically programmed desire?

    • RoadRunner says:

      Old men should stay away from young women, because young females should be with young men, like me.

      • ‘Should’ they! I don’t think they give a crap what you think they ‘should’ do.

      • RoadRunner says:

        They should give a crap. Society looks down on old geezers chasing young stuff

      • So they should disregard what they want to keep society happy? Society’s not that bothered, men date women over a decade younger than them without a second glance. It occasionally mentioned but little made of it. It’s gossip at worst, and you shouldn’t let that bother you.

    • ElraX says:

      Biologically speaking, 40 years old is the natural life expectancy of a healthy human being.
      40+ year old alphas are supposed to be dead

      • What are you basing that on?

      • ElraX says:

        fossil & anthropological data. If you are over 40, thank a doctor
        of medicine and science. :-p

      • Any specific report you can point me to? Seriously this would be useful information to me. I know that historically getting to 40 was quiet an achievement because of accidents, disease, predators, ect. When I think of a natural life expectancy I’m interested in when cellular repair starts to break down and the body gives up without any specific external influences.

  5. EltaX says:

    I stand corrected. The attraction cues for men are completely different than the attraction cues for women.

  6. Boissy says:

    “The average age of marriage is around 30, where the beta maless value and the female’s value start to come in line.”

    but then

    “Even the Beta males that they turn their nose up at 5 years ago seem very reluctant to make any real investment in a relationship with them.”


  7. EltaX says:

    “Even the Beta males that they turn their nose up at 5 years ago seem very reluctant to make any real investment in a relationship with them.”

    I guess that’s why no women ever get married after 30…

  8. ScandinavianWomenAreNotLikeBread4real says:

    A man really has to stand out if he’s 40+ and wants to get with a hawt 20 year old

  9. thebody@ says:

    “Good looking men are preferred to ugly men”

    I hate to say I told you so

    • This factor was never in dispute, it’s the end of that sentence that you conveniently missed off that is the point.
      “Good looking men are preferred to ugly men but that not the factor that makes the difference.

  10. Interesting find thebody, thanks. However the source is relatively useless.

    The first problem with it is it doesn’t really have a good variable for ‘power’, ‘alphaness’ or ‘confidence’ which is where the comparison is coming in. Attractiveness is likely going to have the closest correlation, since it ties into how well the world has treated you, therefore your self esteem.

    The second problem is with the pool of people it’s 168 undergraduates. So to start with their all pretty much the same age, at that age everyone pretty damm beta, the only exception would be the jocks (sporty kids) and their probable going to score high on attractiveness scale.

    • thebody@ says:

      “Interesting find thebody, thanks.”
      Don’t mention it.

      “However the source is relatively useless.”
      Mea culpa.

  11. Sir James Wilson Vincent Savile says:

    [Editor edit:] Summary: bad Jimmy Savile joke – subtext “Your all pedophiles”. [Blocked as troll]

  12. Latex says:

    why, if a woman’s peak sexual value is always listed in manosphere graphs at around 23-25, is ‘teen’ the most popular porn search term???

  13. Latex says:

    I think there is legitimate room for men – even men at 30 years old – to be attracted to women under 20.
    By 24 a woman is not even worth a dinner date at a cheap fast food joint

  14. Latex says:

    An argument is made that in prehistoric times women would concieve for the first time typically at about seventeen and that because of this men have evolved preferences for girls under this age.

    • The younger a women is the more chance her children will be healthy and I guess this was magnified by the point that through most of our evolution we did have the awesome health care that we now do. So it seems to make sense that the men that put effort into pursuing the younger women the higher chance their offspring would survive and live to pass on their genes.

  15. Outcast says:

    Finding a 14 year old more attractive than a 24 year old = Deviance
    That’s just the way it is

  16. […] Sexual market value over time | Makeshift Alpha Male I can vouch personally for this shit! […]

  17. Peter says:

    Hahaha! All I can say is that I love banging younger women. They’re way hotter, tighter and more of a challenge to bed. I get lazy or low on time, I will occasionally pick up a 30 year old woman. No matter how badly I treat her, she’s always ready for more. I love it. But sometimes I do feel like a douche. The hard life of an alpha.

  18. Name? says:

    It should be RMV, or MMV.

  19. Benjamin says:

    “sexual market value” “alpha male” vs. “beta male”
    ….this is DISGUSTING..
    you’re talking about human beings and not some fucking car insurance. idiot

  20. Real Alpha (not fake) says:

    If we were to graph it correctly, a female creature’s sexual attractiveness shoots up to 100 in the flush of nubile beauty and stays there til her late teens when it drops off a cliff. By 25 it’s down around the 30 percent mark; by 30 it’s down around the 20 mark; by 35, around 15. So in other words, from alpha male point of view, a 30 year old woman is not much more attractive than a 70 year old corpse.

    • On the graph the a 70 year old women has a value of 0, at 30 it’s about 50. Even if it was 15 that considerable more attractive than the 70 year old, but a fraction of their peak.

  21. Real Alpha (not fake) says:

    24 is super crazy, crazy old. for a girl.

    17. 19. past that, if we’re going to get all about babies, is pretty sketchy.

  22. A girl’s sexual value decreases dramatically after her early twenties. This is a fact, it is accepted everywhere

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