What Women Want…Is More Sex

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Journal

The title here is not meant to give sick perverts an excuse to go out and hit on unsuspecting women, so before anyone flies off in a rage, let me explain.  Woman like sex just as much as men, more so in most cases.  Is this a surprise?  Not to me it isn’t.

Modern western societal rules state that men are the sex crazed maniacs sleeping their way around as many young attractive women as possible.  Just take a look at any of the tabloid headlines and you’ll find reports of male infidelity usually amongst high profile celebrities.  Back in the real world it is actually women who seem to enjoy and have a higher appetite for sex then men.

I was interested to read an article that appeared online in the Huffington Post about a year ago.  The author Gail Konop Baker had the sense to ponder the question ‘what if women want sex more then men?’  You can read the full article here but to summarise; she concluded that men need to be sexually liberated just as women have been in the past thirty years or so in order to prevent frustration on both sides.

Baker has got half the point, but not all of it.

More women then ever are using online adult websites that give them the opportunity to grab whatever fuck buddy that takes their fancy.  The statistics speak for themselves as Experian Hitwise Data revealed that adult sites have shot up in traffic and popularity.  When you delve a little deeper, figures from the individual websites reveal that there are usually more women than men using the sites then there used to be.  Even the national media have taken notice with both the Telegraph and the Daily Mail revealing higher numbers of women using sites to conduct extra marital affairs.

Basically women are after just as much – if not more – sex then we are.  The Evening Standard even conducted a survey on men and women back in 2010 asking if men enjoyed sex more then women.  Only 1 woman out of the 5 questioned answered ‘yes’.   Not that I’m complaining, but if this is the norm, why is it not discussed more openly?

I think the answer is simple.

  1. The media at large still peddles this myth that women are sluts if they are seen to be sexually active
  2. A lot of women – and men – have bought into this myth making open discussion of something that both sexes enjoy anathema in many social circles.  Even though both sides secretly think it’s bollocks.

Okcupid.com one of the world’s leading online dating sites collated data from over 1.2 million female users and the results lend more credibility to the assertion that women like sex just as much if not more than men.

Confront a hard line feminist with these statistics and their response will be to snort and say ‘So? What’s the problem?’  Confront them with similar statistics when it comes to men and the response will be ‘obviously he can’t keep it in his pants.’  The sexual pendulum is swinging more and more into the woman’s favour leaving many men struggling to understand where we now fit in.   I know where I stand but many men don’t, so one thing I do agree with Baker on is this – we all need to talk more openly about sex and how much we enjoy it.

  1. Peter says:

    About time ! Long time without posting. Dont keep us waiting so long. 😛

  2. Rampant Man says:

    Yep – I totally agree! Men may chase it much more, but ultimately I have never heard of a man shaking, shuddering in pleasure, having sudo-spasms or screaming in pleasure! And the multiple orgasm thing for women also does appear to come a lot easier than for men… with that last one in mind it is no wonder women like it more than men! Men chase it – but women enjoying the being caught more!

  3. jackcurtis says:

    Judeo-Christian sexual repression replaced very different views, right? That lid was blown off by the advent of THE PILL for women, who then demanded convenience abortion as well. But a lot of the ingrained social mores remain, too. First victim of this was marriage; it seems equally questionable how society will be held together.
    Sex is fun for both (or all) participants for a reason: participants risk 15 years of responsibility and aggravation so a strong motive is needed. But now we’ve divorced the fun from the risk, we’ve also abandoned that responsibility; that will reshape society. I hope we like the result…

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