Where have all the good men gone? Feminism ate them!

Posted: May 16, 2012 in Relationships

Okay stupid title, this should probably be named ‘Why are so few people able to find a partner that they are happy with?’.  The first thing is to understand what kind of partner most people are looking for. This varies by sex but here is a suggestion of what most people would like:

Now let’s have a look at what effect feminism has had on these attributes.

Women are pursuing better paid careers and putting off having children.

As women have better careers their earning go up and at the same time men’s earning are effectively reduced since some of them don’t have the higher paid jobs. What this does is push up the standard of success a women is willing to settle for whilst reducing the pool of men who are capable of living up to it.

This also means that women are getting older before they are looking to settle down, so fewer men get to marry their ideal fertile women (18-25 year old) that they desire.

Women are encouraged to man up and compete with men, whilst men are encouraged to get in touch with their feminine side.

Feminism encourages women to become more militant and assertive and on the other side attacks men for showing masculine traits. This has the effect of making men more feminine and women more masculine. This destroys the natural attraction that is felt between the sexes.

Also it pushes women to become more dominant whilst men become more submissive, further reducing the sexual attraction.

It makes men, women’s enemies.

Feminism does a great job of classing men as the oppressors of women, which historically is rubbish. With the gender empathy gap, men are by their very nature biologically looking to please women and protect them. The drive for women approval is so strong in men that any evidence suggesting otherwise can buried under the thousands of examples of them trying to protect them and look after them.

Women by their nature will side with women against men; however men’s nature is also to side with the women.

By fostering this stand point women look at men and especially the ones in position of high social standing as their enemy. So this has taken the motivation away from men to get into these positions, lowering the pool of attractive men more.

Other factor: Female Obesity

Feminism isn’t the only factor that is doing this, there are some other very strong factors. For example women are getting fatter and hence the motivation for men to work hard to be the kind of men they want is lower, since there are less women worth working for.

As Cheateau Hearties puts it well:

Our typical unmarried working class man surveys his cellulite-blasted kingdom (and it does not matter how fat he, himself, is, for fat men and thin men alike prefer the exquisite sight of slender female bodies), and he makes a quick hindbrain calculation. Does he bust his ass in a crappy service sector job doing women’s work for a shot at legally bound long-term commitment to a shuffling shoggoth dragging the bastard spawn of a hundred alpha males in tow, or does he say “fuck it” and turn to video games and porn featuring hot, thin chicks for his status and dopamine fix? [Cheateau Hearties]

Other factor: Unappealing marriage

Also marriage is becoming more and more unappealing to men as a concept (See my post on reasons not to get married).

As Girlwritewhat put it:

By turning marriage into a risk for men that a compulsive gambler wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole if he had two brain cells to rub together, we’ve motivated men to be less productive than they otherwise would or could be [Owning your shit]

The main point is, if you look at the chart again. You will see that all the things that women find attractive in men (with the exception of being tall) are doing things / achievements. All the thing that men find attractive in women are kind of non-doing things / things they are born with and often lose over time.

To summaries:

  • Women are getting less attractive (fatter, older and more masculine).
  • Men are less motivated to put the work into become what women find attractive.
  • Women standard are raising
  • Feminism has fooled men into thinking women are attracted to feminine men
  • Feminism changed the system to descriminating against men, making it hard for them to be what women find attractive.

So the pool of options is shirking for everyone. Depressing eh?

  1. E. Cantu says:

    YOU are so spot on!!! Great little blog!!

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  3. Darrius Al Sayyid says:

    You’ve managed to take a modestly interesting premise and cloud it with enough specious arguments and puerile talking points to look like a complete fool. Feminism isn’t some giant boogeyman which has destroyed masculinity.

    The ignorance in the statement, “Feminism does a great job of classing men as the oppressors of women, which historically is rubbish” is quite hilarious. In much of modern W. Euro/N.A. society up until very recently, women were unquestionably oppressed. They lacked everything save the most basic political and financial power in all but a few rare cases. Feminism was a reasonable reaction to inequities in power – to suggest otherwise is foolish in the highest degree.
    Ed: Your response is too small in scope, but this will require a full post to explain. If you say something that is directly against the universally accepted norm it will need a lot of explanation. In the mean time I highly recommend you watch this video by girl write what?

    Your point about female obesity is a wonderful justification based on minimal evidence. Men AND women in the “Western” world are becoming more and more obese. While women have a modestly higher rate of obesity than men – if both are working for a more attractive mate, this should be equally detrimental to both sexes. Furthermore, obesity is hardly a direct (or indirect) result of your spooky boogeyman.
    Ed: You missed the point here, firstly it was under ‘other than feminism factors’ secondly the main point is that men and women attraction triggers are different and where women are geared towards confidence and competence, men are geared toward signs of health and fertility, therefore obesity in a man is less of of a turn off than in a woman.

    There is some interesting research on men getting ‘left behind’ in education, the job market and elsewhere (a great article in The Atlantic – “The End of Men”, deals with much of this at length) but your asinine, oversimplified, fallacious ‘logic’ manages to fail to persuade on every possible level.

    Your almost comically infantile “Alpha Male” goal wonderfully illustrates my point. You seek to reclaim some sort of base power over females (and subservient males) with idiotic aims of ménage à trois and other banal sexual, emotional and financial conquests. Of course, you have little understanding of true and timeless definitions of masculinity: Strength of character, will, and desire to truly ‘better’ oneself.
    Ed: This is such a loaded response, that it seems silly to respond to. But this kinda of got my back up, your suggestion that having a fun and fulfilling sex life and pursuit of power/money are a bad thing. My presumption is this is reassuring to you, whilst framing it like this you can sit back whilst having any crappy job and boring relationship and feel morally superior to me, well what ever makes you happy man. Those are my goals things that I find enjoyable. But I would like to divide my own personal perversions from the point of what I think makes an alpha male, that I have laid out on this page the character points you are talking about are a requirement one I will write more on. The point I have full sections of self help and what is ‘inner game’ suggest that the traits that you mention are practical requirements, however you seem to be using my personal goals as evidence that I don’t value these at all.

    Plus you seem to be framing power over people as a bad thing, it’s only if used to their detriment. Your doctor has power over you, so does your parents so on, but these people use it to help people. We are a cooperative species by nature. Even if things sound selfish this doesn’t mean that they are hurting someone else, for the example the ménage à trois you mentioned, usually these are a very pleasurable experience for everyone involved.

    Lastly, your inability to spell simple words correctly hurts your cause. If you can’t be bothered to run your blogs through a word-processor with a spell-checker (and grammar-checker… you have some ridiculously unnecessary commas), don’t expect anyone to take you seriously.
    Ed: Totally agree with him on this last point, I’m probable going to update this so if you come back and the spelling is fine please be aware my spelling was appalling and remains so, curse of dyslexia,

  4. Underdog says:

    Darrius up there is the classic example of a plugged-in mangina.

  5. Vic says:

    Right on !!! Should I say obviouse that North America is a Misandric place ,that 90% of all Homless people are all men and that Women live longer than Men . What about the Male suicide rates ????
    Where the UN ? Where ? Its a travesty what the Feminists are doing to Men .
    Its digusting !!!

  6. Laveareply says:


  7. jackcurtis says:

    Hmnn… Publicly bashing Lefty shibboleths seems to resemble stamping on an anthill. Kinda fun, if you rub some novocain on your legs. My own theory sees a strong Lesbian streak in the Lefty feminist anschluss (Right folks don’t seem to be feminists and are excluded by the Leftys when they try) and it’s notable that Lesbians seem to dislike men. Gay men don’t seem to dislike women, though. .. To the extent that’s so, we don’t get a straight shot at feminism; it’s mixed up with these other shticks… Little wonder it’s a bit confused!

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  9. thebody@ says:

    The ideal fertile woman is 18-22 year old
    Women over 22 should all just be rounded up and put in Antarctica to spend the rest of their remaining years on Earth. Because so many women are sexually worthless in the world, the overflow can be sent to the wilderness in Siberia where they can properly be housed without bothering anyone.

  10. thebody@ says:

    I hide behind antifeminism

    to justify my obsessieon with teenage girlz

  11. Some Guy says:

    Once a girl spends several years in the indoctrination camps – aka high school, university and media – she is beyond repair and simply cannot become a house wife nor raise a family. She’s toxic; slept with the football team (sluts no longer shamed), probably comes from a broken home – raised by a single mother – and thinks/behaves/acts like a man. This society strives to make men feminine and women masculine and the result; a civilization crumbling.

    Education has become so watered down, so feminine and turned into female-oriented that there is no place for males. And what come out as “male” are like Darrius Al Sayyid. Competition, aggression, critical thinking and independent analytical thought have been substituted by how things feel, with group sessions and projects, sitting still and behaving like a girl highly encouraged. Now 4-6 year old boys are sent home, to an unavailable single mother, for displaying “hostile male behavior” and then given medications to tame them. More women than men in higher education means males drop out, useless degrees dispensed like candy while there’s shortage of doctors, engineers, architects and the like. Women who obtain degrees don’t stay in the workforce as long as men, don’t work as hard as men, don’t take as many risks and take time out for marriage unlike men who put in most hours and don’t take as many times off. Consequently, in the same way higher education institutions have been saturated by feminism so is the work place leading to decreased productiveness.

    Darriius Al Sayyid is a product of the indoctrination. This is what men are turned into; stridently ideological man-ginas who have been so brainwashed that it’s sickening to listen to what (these “intellectuals”) have to say. They are militants rather than logical people.

    Some fools still think it’s about equality. Take for example women in combat. The standards have to be lowered to allow them. Why? If they’re equal they shouldn’t have to lower standards. Not all males were able to join the military because of those high standards and they didn’t demand that it be lowered. Masculinity carries accountability and responsibility. It’s an energy form. Testosterone and estrogen are biologically different by promoting masculinity and femininity respectively. Modern feminism opposes uniquely feminine traits and endorses masculine characteristics, it should be called MASCULINITY.

    Societies in which females outnumber males and play a leading role have historically crumbled. And I think we can all see where this is headed.

  12. Some Guy says:

    I’d like to add that I don’t really worry about what is happening, in the sense that this civilization is dead. There is no point is worrying about Rome burning when you can’t put out the fire. It’s beyond repair unless there is a dramatic fundamental change in how society is currently structured.

    Hence forth, I plan to just enjoy my time, have effortless sex by desperate girls that are so easily fooled and enjoy the freak show. I work part time which covers all my needs, apparently men don’t need much to survive. I play video games, watch sports, play sports, and just enjoy the last days of a dying Western civilization. Dreaming about cleaning this mess is an exercise in futility.

  13. thebody@ says:

    “I would go as far as to say that a man ‘choosing’ to have a sexual relationship with a woman much past 20, is pretty much being raped”


  14. Bekah says:

    I AM CRAZY ABOUT THIS BLOG! Stay strong, Alpha Males! I promise, it’s worth it.

    I am a 29 year-old kindergarten teacher (by day) and crossfit coach (by night). I literally spend my days nurturing and inspiring 5 year-olds to figure out the world around them with love, laughter, and of course, structure and discipline. Then, I spend my nights coaching a group of bad ass mother fuckers in a gym with loud music, weights slamming, and sexy bodies rocking.

    Among a bunch of other things, both situations require a genuine connection between me & the other person (student/athlete) in order for any progress to be made, and both situations have the same outcome: My presence & feminine energy make people better at life.

    One side of my femininity is patient, calm, and poised. The other side is fierce, sexy, strong, and focused on domination. Both sides are incredibly powerful. I’m beginning to understand that STRONG IS SEXY ..but, only when it’s balanced with poise, charm, and all the other classic traits of a good woman.

  15. TheTruth says:

    it really should be more like where have the good women gone today for us very serious straight guys nowadays?

    • Yep, if you look at it as supply and demand. The demand on both sides is the same but the supply is dropping. Everyone standards are raising and fewer and fewer people cut the mustard.

      There is some good news though, with the imminent financial meltdown, people aren’t going to afford to be as fussy. When the government can no longer afford to financially support women the role of provider is going to be more in demand.

  16. NeverWrong says:

    well there are plenty of us straight men out there today, but the problem is that there are so many lesbians nowadays making it much harder for us to meet a good straight woman now.

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