I’m 50th place in the top 100 Relationship Blogs

Posted: March 11, 2012 in Journal


As a sucker for a compliment I’ve been rated as 50th place on this highly. Originally I though this was legitimate but I’m pretty sure it’s not now. The One in first place isn’t even a relationship blog, nor are a bunch of them. I’s just effective link baiting. Anyway it’s a good test of being able to throw stuff into the archive. Hope this does’t come up on the feeds and disturb everyone. Anyway after this they’ll probable remove me.

Top 100 Relationship blogs to follow

  1. Xinner says:

    Good Job my friend, Keep up the good work !

  2. Socialkenny says:

    Wow that’s huge man! Congrats!

    Only other site I recognize on the list was Singleswharehouse and Beyong pickup forum.

  3. Thanks guys, but I think it’s more about link baiting rather than true appreciation of my work.

    • Socialkenny says:

      Lol but how would that be (link baiting)?

      • Well originally they sent out the request would I like to be included and would I post it on my blog. Then when it was delivered they wanted me to use specific code linking back to them and then do a lot of promotion on it. It’s a good idea and to be honest I probable would have if the list would have been even slightly researched. So many of these just are simple not relationship blogs they are either dating sites or general blog with a relationship category. I think the only reason they picked mine is because rank pretty well in google.

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