Too much self help

Posted: December 12, 2011 in Journal

Okay now I have been a self help Junkie for too long and the problem is that even though a lot of it seems really good stuff. It’s very hard to apply it all to your life. Now i’m at a point where I value my time very highly and am only interested in learning things that I can apply to my life in a very practical way.

So my conclusion from this is from any book, semina, training course, their will usually be 3 – 4 actional things that I can do change to improve my life and a couple of different pieces of learning that I can help improve my knowledge of the world.All of this translate to me though as after investigating theis information, how am I actively going to live my life differently. These are usually bolted into 3 different types of actions:

1. Daily habits: These are habit that I do on a daily basis in order to imp[rove my life. These are swimming ever day, using the Getting things done method, talking to a stranger every day, taking vitamine and protein shakes. These are simple things that 80% of the day I carry out. Daily habit are what mold your skills anything that you aim to get good / talented at need to have a daily habit in order to back it up.

2. Weekly / monthly arrangements: These are a bit like habits, but they are not ao much about creating internal change. They are about external changes, I get my haircut once a month because I want to look good externally, I go to certain social events and preform n certain shows weekly and monthly because I want to build a reputation with other people and become established in certain social circles. Mothly and weekly arrangement allow me to effect external things in my life.

3. One off achievements: These are thing that I want to achieve, they are not so much change I want to bring about by proving and testing point for how far I have come. For example in Summer I’m going to put on a huge show, I’ve taken show to festival, I’ve built and set up a company, I done some crazy sex stuff. These have been one off achievement, from these I have improved my self image, learnt things and I have also improved my standing withine different external parties. But most of all one off achievements have firmed up my reality, every time I do a one off achievement, my understanding of the world and what I am capable withine it has been improved.

If I can take anyself help, I know I need to cut it down into these three categories and with them I can decide how useful they have been.

  1. Yeah I totally agree. Anytime I am reading anything/attending anything, the question must be “how can I change this in order to improve my life” – what are the actionable steps. One of the things I find useful about live teaching/seminars etc is that when they are good, they leave you excited about implementing the steps and enthusiastic about taking the action. In a world where nearly all information can be found through the internet without ever leaving ones room, this is one of the major things that is hard to replicate with a human real life teacher. A seminar/session/live teaching is at its best when I am leaving and can not wait to try and put into practice a step to change my life and improve, no matter how small that step is.

    Good post Alpha – and once again huge congratulations on taking the 1st ever curry pot!

  2. bayuamus says:

    The three division makes sense, and what’s more important they’re both doable and provides a good breakdown. Good tips.

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