And we have a winner

Posted: December 12, 2011 in Journal

The first round of the curry Pot and little friendly competition me and few friends have been having. Basically we score point every time we do hit on girls. Different amount of point based on how successful we are.  As of Saturday night we have a winner…..  and the winner is ….  wait for it ……   ME!!

The Actor is close up behind me , but it’s been a very good weekend…

  1. […] from The Alpha of the most amazing weekend. He got an astonishing sounding SNL, but more than that, he won the first round of the curry pot challenge! The way he did has left me in awe of the man, I feel privileged to be able to cite him as my […]

  2. […] web sites and check out the cars I liked most, but rather start the other way around. Do proper research, find out which are the most important aspects I should consider. This way, hopefully, I would get […]

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