Attraction is NOT Logical

Posted: November 17, 2011 in Evolution, Relationships

Recently I commented on a post in Jezebel‘s blog on a post about called ‘The Real reason why older men what to date you”.

Now the post itself could be summarized in these points:

  • Older men still tend to pursue younger women
  • Middle age men feel sexual invisible because younger women don’t find them so attractive
  • Men lose interest in women as they get older (regardless of the mans age)
  • Hollywood often cast women in their 30 as women in their 40+
  • The media is de-sexualisation of women over 40

From this she concludes:

  • The reason men chase younger women is to reassure themselves ‘they still have it’. It is primarily for the status rather than a real desire.
  • Men are in denial that they are aging and are looking for younger women to fight this.
  • The reason women use cosmetic and get plastic surgery is because they need to look young because men are looking for young women as an ego soother.

Now this to me seems like just poor logic, it is justifying after the fact. Jezebel wants the answer to be ‘Men are weak and just can’t handle a real women’ therefore she has sort out some seemingly supporting evidence and give it as ‘The real reason’.

Now I tried to add a comment, it was polite and just stated my opinion , basically a shorter version of this post. However the comment got rejected, I have no idea why. Anyway on to the comments. These where the part that motivated me to point comment like these:

A reasonable argument. Here another:

Although I think this women has a point with logic behind the reproduction stuff. The Gender politic stuff is just personal man hating.

But all this to me come done to one problem. It’s making logical argument, where logical does not come into this equation. Men are not logically picking the best mate to produce children, men are not logically looking at what Hollywood wants them to do, men are not logically picking younger women so that their authority isn’t questioned.

Men’s hind brain are telling them to seek out the youngest and most attractive mate.

Sexual attraction is based on animal instincts and possible previous life experience, NOT LOGIC. Men desires were built into us back when we were animals so that we have the strongest chance to reproduce and pass on our genes. From a evolutionary point of view breeding with the youngest most attractive women gave you a high chance of having healthy and successful children. Women would want to breed with the most successful male because that would give her the highest chance of having healthy successful children.

This is translated to our desires. Even if a man does not logical want children at all, his body is still going to tell him to be attracted to young hot women. The animal instinct that drives attraction, it does not take into consideration the women business success, the level of compliance to authority or Hollywood present trends.

This to me seems such an obvious truth that the madness of attempt to argue against it logical is just a pitiful attempt to fight the reality.

  1. culdesachero says:

    I too have had trouble posting to Jezebel. I don’t know what it is with their comments.

    While I think it is true that men’s fertility declines (as in the quality of sperm), I think the timing is much later. Men at forty are still producing perfectly good sperm, while most women are going to find it tough to conceive and many are nearing menopause.

    Feminists only believe in biological determinism when it determines that someone is gay or trans. Otherwise, it’s all political conditioning – men just like young, slim, fit women with taught skin because of society. Otherwise, they wouldn’t care if she was 60 lbs overweight with gray hair and a wig. Neat, huh?

  2. thebody@ says:

    “Men’s hind brain are telling them to seek out the youngest and most attractive mate.”

    Even 40+ men’s hind brains?

  3. The programming doesn’t change, just the amount that they think they are capable. A 40+ man will still desire a 18 year old, just might either doubt his chances of attracting them or fear the social reprisal.

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