Small motivations

Posted: November 8, 2011 in Journal

Okay I have been a bit down recently and have lost a bit of motivation. Hench I’m going to try and break down all the area of my life that I want to work on into smaller chunks. So that I can work on them and start making some movement in the right direction consistently.

These are my small habit forming goals all of these are 21 day goals:

Love life:

  • Ask for direction from 1 strange.
  • Email one high value girl on dating site a day
  • Use the GTD procedure ever day
  • Email work report once a day
  • Do 1 pomadora once a day
  • Go swimming once a day (max one day off)
  • Take 2 protein shakes once a day
  • Do 2 minutes mirror affirmation a day
  • Do 1 sedona method release a day
  • Do 5 minutes mediation a day
  • Do 2 minutes gratefulness a day
  • Do vocal exercise once a day
  • Do Conversation game once a day

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