My theories on depression

Posted: November 1, 2011 in Journal

Okay now I have not personally ever dealt with depression, but I have had a long term relationship with a girl who has. Also I have spent a long time, learning about how the mind works and actually trying to find way to make myself happier so here are my theories. I like to make the comparison to computers. Now in theory depress can be caused by three different things:

Faulty programming: Bad self image / view of the world

This is where your map of the world (in NPL langauage) is doing you no favours. This usually manifest itself in poor self image. Either you hate yourself or you hate the world. This could be dealt with by therapy, CBT or a wealth of other treatments. But the Key to understand here is you need to be changing your image of the world and yourself.

Bad maintenance and inappropriate use: Bad Lifestyle

Usually this is a byproduct of faulty programming, but if you live a bad lifestyle your mood will be affect. To make sure your life style is okay check you have these things:

  • A good diet (Avoid the fast food, add in fruit and veg)
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Get enough sunlight
  • Take Multi vitamine
  • Get enough exercise
  • Get enough social interaction (people need people)
  • Get enough sleep (7 hours recommended)
  • Have regular sex
  • Cut down on the drug (including alchole and smoking)
  • Take Vitamin D & Calium supplement
  • Take Fish oil supplements

Faulty hardware: Physically something wrong with you

This where their is actually something wrong with you. For this you need a doctor, it might require surgery or drugs to help.


In my experience the first thing that people do is go to the doctor and the doctor provides them with a fix for Faulty hardware (i.e. drugs) this then allow the pacitent that something is wrong with them and this then is used as excuses to not look at the hard to deal with area of their life faulty programming (internal image of the world) and Bad maintenace (Lifestlye).


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