Snake skin Re framing my inner assumption.

Posted: October 14, 2011 in Day game, Game

Okay I have done a very useful session with Snake skin he’s really good at giving me a skilled breakdown of how I’m doing. Also working on my inner game, we have been looking at reframing a lot of my beliefs.
This list is basically after a daygame session with him these are some new conclusions I have come to and his responses:

1: Skill level makes a big arse difference

True – BUT, the actual STRUCTURE I am applying is pretty much the same as what I’ve taught you – so the “difference” just lies in doing enough sets to get a gut level “feel” for how to calibrate – and a technical intuitive fluidity, which just comes from automating this stuff – again thru practise – that’s all it is πŸ˜‰

Also, any anxiety, pessimism/apathy or “moral” issues you have with Daygame subskills basically “dissolves” as you get more experiences of “some girls LOVE this shit ;)”
A stoical acceptance that you actively EMBRACE the likelihood of a few hundred turdy or can’t quite close approaches to LEARN the CALIBRATION & smoothness, makes “rejection” seem pretty irrelevant – as long as you TRY to employ the skills, decisiveness, calibration & leading/dominance in all sets, the outcome of any individual interaction – however scary or frustrating it may be in the MOMENT – is ALL good – either you close, or learn, or get more smooth/brave – so the “successes” are sort of an incidental “side effect” of the OVERALL process.

2: Age seems to be less of a factor

Yeah! When I started to go grey it bugged me, but it soon became apparrent it makes me MORE attractive – girls DON’T think the same way as guys! Their brains scan for different qualities – including maturity – the most make-or-break male quakity is TAKING ACTION, not age/weight/looks etc. It helps but only say 20%

1: This will be a drawn out awkward interaction

Sometimes it will! BUT, you’ll still be learning what works/doesn’t, and even if it ends badly, she WON’T remember you in a month – doubtless she’s been approached before – if you don’t close, you are just another guy – this is a GOOD thing!, sort of “safely anonymous”. I calculate there are about 70,000 really hot girls in London – so we can afford to fuck up a LOT sets while we practise. Awkward in the moment maybe, but no pain no gain. AFTER a clunky set, just consider a few things you could have done DIFFERENTLY – eg did you fail to capitalise on a topic that came up in conversation, and be interesting or cocky or sexual etc – if so, just work out what you SHOULD have said! Sort of “edit” what happened in your memory, as it you’d played it better, and averted the awkwardness.

X2: Women will not be attracted to me

That Camille bird liked you, at least in the moment – did you try to phone her? Sometimes they need a bit of a nudge even if they like you. It’s just the mans job – that’s the deal πŸ˜‰

3: Women will pity me and find me pathetic.

Tall Financially secure, artistic actor πŸ˜‰ Β so if she DOES pity you, perphaps SHE is the one with distorted perception πŸ˜‰ ALSO, in each fresh approach on another girl – you make a NEW first impression – so if you DO get a bit of a pity-pathetic type vibe off her, just FAKE a bit more self belief on the NEXT approach (talk slower, better eye contact, body language) – basically remember YOUR positive qualities as you open a new girl – if you cock your vibe up, SHE will miss out – so your effort to control your body and voice is for HER benefit, not yours.

4: Shes in a hurry / busy

Sometimes she is – but even a quick number close MAY meet you for a date if your vibe was warmed-up and awesome enough. Also, some “in a hurry” girls totally FORGET their previous plans once you approach & attract them. Also, if she’s in a hurry just frame this as BAD LOGISTICS – you are NOT being rude – it’s just bad luck. Also, thinking quickly and staying cool to TRY to glue a hurry girl to the spot with your game is EXTRA GOOD PRACTISE as they are harder to close than slow moving just floating about noting to do girls.

5. Talking about sexual things would be creepy

Its All a question of WHEN you do it! A calibration issue – sexualising things is done ONLY when you sense you have warmed her up enough with dominance, humour, comfort, passage of time etc – THEN, introduce sexuality in the THIRD PERSON, or thru INNUENDO – or sexual swearing “This club is FUCKING cool” etc, and GUAGE HER REACTION – if her body language perks-up keep rolling, but if she tenses-up, then back off the sex for half an hour and use other bits of your game. Maybe she wants you but it’s just a bit TOO SOON… game is basically about BALANCING risk taking with reading-HER-reaction. Yang plus yin – not a new concept πŸ˜‰
Ok – that’s about it πŸ˜‰ hope this helps – the way to use this email is basically to INTELLECTUALLY appreciate it, then go and actually game, and you’ll likely “FORGET YOURSELF” and click back into negative ways of viewing things – BUT, just try to be SELF AWARE of when this happens, and use your intellectual mind to “pull yourself back on track”, when your emotions go reactive in the moment. With practise this reprograms your expectations & perceptions – use logic to rewire your emotions, and ACTIONS…
Good luck – R
  1. Before I had ever tried to do talk to a woman during the daytime on the street and chat her up, none of this would have seemed possible… I am not even sure if any of this would have made sense or not! Having done a little, this makes a lot of sense. Good post – and useful, thanks.

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