How to be successful at speed dating

Posted: October 13, 2011 in Game

Speed dating can be excellent fun and it’s definitely an effective way of meeting women. However speed dating does have a one major problem, the low quality of women. Beautiful women will get approached often in bar, in social settings, at work, they do not need to go to any kind of singles events. Also the type of men at these events are usually not confident enough to approach women in real life and since confidence is one of the main things that women find attractive then the men will be pretty low quality too.

Reality of speed dating

Guy was suppose to be shy but I think I just made him look miserable!

The events are pretty much bottom feeder places. Having said that you can meet the occasional hot women, usually they are new in town and have no social group established yet. Good news is if you have even a little bit of game you can clean up.

Here are my top tips:

Pick a big or niche event:

Most speed dating events are about 12 guys / 12 girls. This doesn’t give you a good chance of meeting someone you fancy + click with. The bigger the event the more chance you have. Also if your into wine go to a wine tasting speed dating event, if you Hindu go to a Hindu speed dating event, if your into kinky sex go to a kinky sex speed dating event, instantly improves the likely hood your meet someone you like.

Have some good questions prepared:

For a good conversations, try to avoid job, where they come from, how old are you. Questions should be playful and get to know the person rather than their statistics.

I like questions like these:

  • “What book that you read before the age of 16 had the biggest impact on you?”
  • “If you won the super lottery and more money than you could ever need, after you’d done all the partying and settled down. What would you spend the rest of your life doing?”
  • “Have you ever killed a man?”
Playfully tease women and have a go at them, try to avoid compliments.
Have the Frame that speed dating is cool:

Most people at these events will be at least a little bit ashamed of being there. Most people will pretend that they are there because they are supporting a friend or something. This is a miserable frame, to stand out take the frame of ‘Speed dating is a great Idea, I’m cool for doing this, I’m doing it because it’s efficient and I’m a busy and important person.’ don’t fall in the ‘I embarrassed, Isn’t this a sad thing to be doing.’ frame. It’s very unattractive and if you think it’s cool you will put her at ease to feel okay about it to.

Get the number there and then:

Don’t wait for the system to match you up. It’s very weak, if you like a girl get her number on the day. It’s shows confidence and that you are more of an Alpha male. Tell her your not going to bother with the card and ask for her number out right.

Talk to the girls before the dates:

Usually their is a 30 minutes gap before everyone is sat down and asked to talk to each other. Don’t bother waiting, start talking to the women immediately. Alpha men don’t polity wait until someone they have paid tells them they can talk to women. Just do it.

Have fun:

Seriously if you just do this you will stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

  1. Alpha Warrior in Training says:

    Damn, This info is dead on. I have somewhat extensive experience with SD and suck at it but in the last few SD I have done more homework and am going to more of this way(i.e. what the article says) of doing it. The author of this article I think hit the nail on the head!

    Last night I went to SD and mixed it up a bit. One of the cuties I wanted I (and this was the first time I did this at a SD event) I just asked for her # after it was over. She gave it to me saying, “And this is my real #”. – 30 year-young cute tall, low-maintenance blond.

    Another thing about getting the number then and there is that besides showing your “alphaness” you can (usually- check the terms of your “no” results) get a free SD the next time thereby effectively cutting your cost basis in half! Each SD I go to (about 4-5/mth) end up costing me about $10-14 each)

    The first paragraph is also spot on. You’d be extremely lucky to have at least 20% attractive women – very lucky. Most are single moms and or fuglies or divorced older women. I’m lucky I happen to like older women so at 39 I can play both ends so to speak.

    My main stumbling block with all women but SD in particular is that I’m still (too much) stuck on the interview style questions. Got to work on that and this article is dead on so I will go with that angle next week – 3 SD events planned for me.

    ” Beautiful women will get approached often in bar, in social settings, at work, they do not need to go to any kind of singles event.” Regarding that line. Yep. the more I get out there and join in meetup types singles group the more this truism hits home. I notice that (except for wine tasting type of events) the quality of women is not very high (to say the least) at many if all singles type of events.

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