Style on what makes a guy attractive

Posted: September 21, 2011 in Game

This is what style list as qualities that make a guy attractive.

LOOKS: Well-groomed and standing out. Belonging to a tribe that she wants to be part
of, or at least visit.
SOLUTION: Stylist, female panel, hair person, clothes shopping

this is where humor and intelligence come in. (lt’s why uptight guys
don’t get laid.) lt’s her being able to introduce you to her friends/family for peer approval.
It’s where adventurousness, spontaneity, independence, risk{aking, and the ability to
handle new situations. Exciting to be around, in the moment. lt’s being able to be fun in
a club, mannered with her family, and a totaljerk with your male friends. Quote: “The
soecies that does not adaDt is doomed to die.”
SOLUTION: Travel. Cultural knowledge. Exposure to new things and unfamiliar

STRENGTH: Defined not as physical strength, but the ability to protect her. Thjs is done
traditionally through either money or muscle, but through decisiveness, non-wussiness,
useful practical knowledge, an ability to “take care of things,” taking charge,
assertiveness, living in your own reality, and the ability to make her feel safe. Also moral
strength and values (good or bad but strong) that make her feel safety and comfort.

SOLUTION: Become self-correcting in your response patterns.
You are constantly being tested for your ability to do this for a chick. So here’s a small
‘1. Make decisions. Don’t ask her what she wants, though it’s okay to find out her preferences.
2. Don’t change your opinion based on what she thinks in order to please her or get rapport.

lt’s only okay to change them if she persuades you logically.
3. Know your environment. Know how to get places, what to do, what’s cool.
4. Be an effective communicator, able to get others (waiters, door-people, taxi drivers) to respond.
Be seen as the leader of a group and other men.
Have rules.
Stortelling: about protecting a girlfriend from a threat cause it’s your nature,
about ejecting someone from your life for an infraction because you have a “zero
tolerance policy.”
In situations where people are confused or indecisive, take charge.
Not tolerating bad behavior from her or letting her manipulate her like she does
other men or her father.

VALUE: Standing out. What makes you different than all the other guys she should
meet… being interesting, being excellent… entertaining.. . chick crack… “women want to
learn from men”… “being an authority over her world”…leader of men. Also includes
external value: social proof, leader of your group, being seen as attractive to others.
SOLUTION: Learning DHV routines, learning to play social proof like an
instrument, making sure she’s bending to meet you on your reality and note vice

Chemistry, emotional connecting, having a quality that
makes her feel emotionally excited and focused around you. Finding yourself laughing
together or saying things at the same time. Commonalities. Can also include emotional
qualities like being compassionate, caring, sensitivity, having a tender side. Confessing
mutual deep secrets you’ve never told anyone before.
SOLUTION: Style’s EV, vulnerability story, NLP, “me too” tactics, letting her

GOALS: This is not defined by what you do, but by what you’re capable of doing.
Success isn’t necessary, just a clear path towards it. Goals. A dream. Hunger for life.
And not just ambition but potential. Women as A&R scouts. Possibly creativity. Stability.
SOLUTION: identify your identity today, where you want to be five years from
now, how you’re going to get there

AUTHENTICITY: This means that who you present yourself to be on the outside must
be the same as who you are on the inside. lt’s a person who is happy with and likes
himself. However, real life has contradictions, and that’s okay. lt’s also accepting your
imperfections because they make you human,. And having a duality or a contradiction
or complications make you more compelling and rich as a peBon.
SOLUTION: This is the last step. lt’s true inner game. lt’s mastery. And it’s the
most attractive of all these qualities

SELF-WORTH: Confidence, which is high status behavior (cocky funny, non-
neediness). Not being afraid to take up space in the world or someone else’s time. “l
just bench pressed the world.” Sense of worthiness. Lack of desperation. Having
opinions and sticking to them, even if they conflict with hers, but at the same time not
being afraid to admit you’re wrong if you are.
SOLUTION: Success. Affirmations. Self-correcting body language and frame

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