Beginners text game

Posted: September 18, 2011 in Journal

Okay I’m still learning about text game. This is a fairly big sticking point in my game, it now happens very often. I open a girl I talk to her for about 30 minutes things go well, I ask for her phone number she give it to me. I text her, she doesn’t reply.

Okay so I can’t find much useful information on what works and what doesn’t.

These are my theories.

1. Don’t ask for a date first thing: This is simple to do, just don’t ask for a date.

2. Be a bit mysterious: Leave some thing unanswered, make sure that the text have questions attached to it.

3. Be fun: Avoid being serious, silly and funny is the key.

4. Be flirty: Yer, i’m not to good at this bit, it’s somewhere between imply that you fancy her or she fancies you, or that you hate here / she hates you. Sort of a push pull thing.

5. Lead: You need to lead, the man must always lead.

6. Be high value: This means to have high worth, saying things like. I’m too lazy, suggests high value. Seeing yourself as super important and she lucky you are texting her. This could be a book in itself.

7. Use smileys: Women love smileys. Personally they seem stupid to me, but here to field testing.

8. Keep it short: Long text suggest that you are needy / too invested.

Okay so these are the three women I have to text:


Canadian Drama student:

Met her in Camden, very friendly lovely girl who’s over for 3 months I think to study.

So this is my idea of what to text.

[name], was the show fun? Worth missing the debauchery that is the world ends? Ed 🙂


Polish / Irish homeless traveler:

Hot Polish girl, was very tired but receptive. Living in a kitchen at the moment, in dia need of sleep.

Ahh just woke up from my nice double bed after a big old lazy lie in. How was the kitchen? Ed 🙂


Argentina Super hot Fashion student:

This girl I met in the street as she was sorting out her flat. with the bedding. I have already sent a shit text of:

Hi Camille! Nice random meeting you. How the pillow? I have rehursals all weekend, however on Tuesday I’m going to see a friend cabaret show in London bridge, if your free come keep me company. Ed

This clearly got no response, no mystery, asked for date, too long , not fun, no smiley. To be honest I’m not sure what to do with this one.

  1. krauserpua says:

    Usually if a girl doesn’t reply to your first text it’s because you didn’t make enough connection during the original approach, rather than the text itself was bad.

    • Your right man, 90% of it’s in the approach. Just getting this to a vague level competence is important.

    • Really? That would be quite reassuring on the text message front. I have had a lot of flakes, like all of them basically! I guess it means I need to up my actual game face to face rather than the text message quality… ?

      Question then: What is balance of where the skill needs to be. If you are fantastic in person but then send a really crap text, will the girl usually still respond?

      • 90% of it is how attracted they were to you during the interaction IMO. If they really liked you, then they will turn up to a ‘lets get a coffee’ text, but if they just gave you the number to get rid of you their is nothing you can do. Bad text game can mess it up though, a girl that likes you would get turned off quickly by needy, angry or miserable texts.

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