Using Epic Win App to improve motivation

Posted: August 26, 2011 in Journal

I have a number of tools I use to improve my personal motivation. One of them is an iPhone app called Epic Win. Now I’m a huge nerd and having wasted a massive amount of my youth playing role-play games I’m very used to having a levelling system. I’m also a huge fan of gameification so I wanted to give this a go.

The app gives you a character sheet that looks something like this:

Now I’m not going to use this for everything, I have a tool I built myself which track things much more accurately and gives me measurement over time. It looks a little like this:

Yer not half as fun looking, but it does the job well. The self measure I will use for every day things. Epic Win I’m going to use for big achievement I think, this way the levelling up will mean more to me.

Also they have a good thing called categories these will how I will put them together:

Strength: – How fit I am in work out style.

Stamina: – I’m not 100% sure I think I’m going to do this as productive

Intellect: – How well I’m doing with work / business

Social: – How well I’m doing at game and with the ladies

Spirit: – Inner game work, trying to sort out my mind




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