80/20 of Pick up

Posted: August 10, 2011 in Journal

The 80/20 rule is the concept that 80% percent of the results comes from 20% of the effort. So in this post I will trying to indentify the 20% of sarging which has brought me the 80% of my results.These are a compliations of my thoughts:

  • Day game

I’ve had most success from Day game, unfortunately I hate it with a passion. I need to get over this.

  • Foreign girls

I believe my value is a lot higher when it comes to Foreign girls, beacuse I’m a born and breed Londoner.

  • Days where I have started off warmup set early

I still need to warmup before i’m any good, the faster I can warmup and get the embrassment out the way the better. Couple of hours later I’ll be on a roll.

  • Days where I’m taking out less experienced guys

For some reason, I do better when I’m out with less experienced guys. I feel I need to prove something I think it works a lot better for me.

  • Days when I have someone harsh with me to encourage me

The oposite of the taking out a less experienced person, If I have coach who really pushes me then I tend to do okay.

  • Days where I get into state

Okay 90% of the times I go out I don’t get into set at all. So if I do this definately fall into the 20%.

  • Days where I go direct

If I show intent straight off the board then thigns tend to go a lot better. Also If I commit to a set, fight for it rather than just give up.


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