How do women identify the Alpha male?

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Game

Women are looking to breed with the Alpha male of the group, evolution-ally speaking they should have the best genes. So when comforted with a group they would need to try and figure out who is the Alpha male. This is an interesting topic because it gives some insight into how to become the Alpha male.

Here is a list of things that women will look for:

  • Which male does the group all look up to.
This is the most important factor, which member the group does everyone refer to for guidance. Imagine a classroom, the alpha male will usually (if male) be the teacher, in a rare occasion with a specially low status teacher one of the pupils might be.
  • Which male is the most competent
This goes hand in hand with who the group looks up to. Usually the group will look up tot he competent male, the one that knows what he’s doing. This male is most suitable to lead, in theory.
  • Which male is the most physically imposing
This is a throw back to evolution, where the physical size and imposing-ness of of the man would be the reason why they were the Alpha. This is still hard wired into women, but is often trumped if their  behaviour does nothing to back it up.
  • Which male has the least regard for the rules
The Alpha male set the rules, he doesn’t need to obey them or ones made by other Alpha males. This includes social etiquette for these are just rules that are we are asked to obey. They don’t break rules for no good reason, that a needy behaviour showing off trying to impress people (very beta) they just don’t believe they apply to them, so when they are in the way of what he wants to do he would just ignore them.
  • Which male is the biggest risk taker
The Alpha male will be in charge of the group therefore he is responsible for the group. He will have to fight off other Alpha and protect his women. Therefore the risk takers are usually the Alpha in a group.
  • Which male is the loudest
Being Loud usually means that you don’t care who hears you, and that you expect people to listen to you and you are sure of what you are saying. This is why women will often use this as a indication of who the Alpha male is.
Please bear in mind that this is a list of what behaviours women would use to quickly guess who the Alpha male of a group is.  This is not a list of what makes a Alpha male, that’s a different post completely.

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