Keeping in a state conducive state

Posted: August 6, 2011 in Game, Health / fitness & energy, Self improvement

State is a “Game” concept, it the idea of when you are on the ball, know exactly what to say and life feels easy and fun. In “Game” it is when you are able to best talk to women and appear at your most naturally high value. You achieve more when you are in state, you waste less time being scared, people respond to you better and you enjoy life more. In short there is no down side to being in state.

So the goal is to spend as much time as humanly possible in State. Now there are certain things that can be done to get yourself into state, sort of warm ups and so on, but it really helps if you are starting from a state conducive state (yep I know that clunky) .

This post is what day-to-day habits can help you get into state naturally.

  • Get enough sleep (Evidence: STRONG)

To be on form you need sleep, this isn’t news really, but it cannot be left out of the list. Interestingly in a recent study they have shown that when you lack sleep the first thing that is effect is mood.

Results of the analysis of 143 study coefficients suggest that overall sleep deprivation strongly impairs human functioning. Moreover, it was found that mood is more affected by sleep deprivation than either cognitive or motor performance and that partial sleep deprivation has a more profound effect on functioning than either long-term or short-term sleep deprivation. Results indicate that the effects of sleep deprivation may be underestimated… [PsycNet]

This mean you could function well in day-to-day life and still feel miserable. I personally am an insomniac this is a massive challenge to me and I have not yet mastered it. I will address this in another post.

  • Don’t get too drunk (Evidence: STRONG)

Again this doesn’t come as a surprise but I’m covering all bases, Alichol gives you a short-term buzz, escape and confidence. But in the long-term does bad stuff to you.

I personally have terrible hang overs, a night of binge drink, I will have a hangover for  2 days. Now I have great times drinking, but the pain to fun ratio just doesn’t seem to work out.

  • Low glycemic index Diet (Evidence: STRONG)

To avoid energy spikes and drops I suggest that you take up a diet that has a low glycemic diet, primarily this means eating food which releases energy slowly and consistently, this helps to prevent food cravings and lethargy.

The brain is entirely fuelled by blood sugar. Therefore when levels drop as a result of the excessive production of insulin, it becomes more difficult to concentrate. Research has also found that low blood sugar levels are often linked to mood swings, reduced reaction times and even depression. [Why do I need a low GI diet?]

Also a low GI diet has the benefit of helping you lose weight so generally an all round great thing.

  • Exercise (Evidence: GOOD)

Okay the effect of exercise on mood is inconclusive, there are no real definitive studies to show that exercise improves your mood. Which I find amazing, the connection between mood and exercise seems so obvious.

The effects on the brain and body a numerous and agreed on:

Although the exact nature of these benefits is still being determined, enough research has been done to provide even skeptics with a motivation to take up exercise. Exercise exerts its effects on the brain through several mechanisms, including neurogenesis, mood enhancement, and endorphin release. [Effect of exercise on the brain]

It’s just that for some reason the evidence hasn’t tipped the scale to be proven fact.  I’m keeping it in here mainly because of personal experience, also because it improves three other things, Energy, Appearance (hence confidence and self esteem) and health, all of which are definitely conducive to living your life in state.

  • Take Vitamin D with Calcium (Evidence: GOOD)

In general unless you work outside chances are you are not getting enough Vitamin D. This is one vitamin which most people could do with taking supplements for. If you check out Snake oil? The scientific evidence for health supplements , you will see just how many times vitamin D pops up above the worth it line.

Calcium is there too, but by taking the two together you help the body process them. It is very common for you to get the two in pill form together.

  • Cut back on wheat (Evidence: GOOD)

Generally speaking we eat a lot of wheat based food, and even though it can look good for you chances are your body is having trouble with it:

“You have to remember that Stone Age man didn’t eat wheat,” points out Dr Nick Avery, a former GP who now runs the Centre for the Study of Complementary Medicine and is the consultant for Boots on homeopathy. “It was introduced only 10,000 years ago with the cultivation of crops. Which is relatively recent compared to the diet of millions of years ago, for which our bodies are better adapted – nuts, berries, fruits. We overdose on wheat and end up eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner – toast, sandwiches, a pizza. It’s too much.” [What’s wrong with wheat?

I personal try to avoid it completely, this is not easy.

  • Have a large breakfast (Evidence: MIXED)

Breakfast is the meal which set you up for the day, since it is a meal in the morning the body will be burning the food to create  energy throughout the day, unlike the evening meal which the body will be more inclined to store as fat. For some reason when getting up I don’t feel that hungry, but I try my best to fight the urge and eat a fair amount, and I alway feel sharp and better for it. Also make sure you have around a pint of water with breakfast

  • Cut back on caffeine (Evidence: MIXED)

Caffeine work the same as high GI food, it spikes your energy just to let it tank later on. Cutting back or avoiding it all together with help you standardise you levels of energy. The other danger with caffeine is it can prevent you from getting good quality sleep.  Try your best to not consume caffeine after 4pm, this should mean it out of your system by the time you go to bed.

  • Graze eat (Evidence: MIXED)

This again is advice to manage energy levels, to best maintain the a consistent high level of energy you want to graze eat, this means to eat often and small amount rather than big meals. If you eat a lot of food your body will divert energy to digesting the food rather than giving it to your body and mind to hunt with. This is why after meal naps are common.

  • Devalue stressful work (Evidence: MIXED)

Okay this could be expressed as reduce stress, however I find this a relatively unuseful statement, like ‘be happy’ or ‘stop being scared’ it not very actionable.  It is more useful to try your best to devalue stressful work, so for example if you have a choice between a two jobs, and one paid 10% more, but is twice as stressful, devalue the job accordingly.

Stress is generally a bad thing, it rarely mean you do a better job, achieve more or are better person. In general it just mean you having a worse time, doing a rushed job and you health is suffering.

  • Listen to uplifting music (Evidence: MIXED)

Music can have a massive effect on mood, negative and positive. sound tracking your life with positive music can have a really help to keep you in a good motivated mood. Also notes to be touched on, try to avoid music that sounds upbeat but has really negative messages, a lot love songs have some really negative message of ‘your too good for me’ listening to too much of that kind of stuff can give you a inferioity complex.

  • Do Sedona / affirmation / Visualisation (Evidence: MIXED)

Okay this is a area that I am still testing, but the three methods concern turning around the negative internal dialogue.  Sedona is about turing off bad thought processes, affirmation is about building new beliefs and visualisation is about creating new epectations.  I willl explore all of these in time.

  • Avoid general news (Evidence: WEAK)

News started off as a way to keep people informed as a short way of getting useful information over to a populance of a country so they were better educated and could make informed decisions. But now it’s out of hand, the age of 24 hour rolling news channels and internet reporting means that news is a business built to sell advertsing. Primarly news has resorted to becoming more shocking, more worrying to keep the viewing figures up.

Also to add to this the actaul level of signal to noise in news is so low now. General news stories don’t have the research time or the air time to actually educate anyone on a topic, all they can do is sensationlise:

Television exacerbates the “Public Enemy No. 1” effect because it places a premium on brevity.  A statement that fits an accepted world view requires little explanation and can therefore be outlined in a few words. In order to have any chance of being persuasive, a statement that challenges an accepted world view needs more than a sound bite.  Jeff Greenfield, the former producer of ABC’s Nightline, ruefully conceded the consequence of TV’s insistence on concision.  “It makes about as much sense for us to have someone on Nightline who takes six minutes to answer a question as it does to have someone who doesn’t speak English.”   – Noam Chomsky

So news is built to scare you, mostly it is about stuff that it either made up, irrelevant to your life or outside of your circle of control. Now we live in the era of the internet we have the ability to filter the news we consume by niche topic that are useful and relevant to us personally.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Don’t read newspapers
  2. Don’t watch TV news
  3. Cut out any news either first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Either you start the day on a bad note or can’t sleep because your worried about the world coming to an end.
  4. Ask your friends what happening in the world, makes a good topic of conversation
  5. Pick your news using either feeds, podcasts and specific websites. This will massively increase hopefully your enjoyment, plus will help you become a expert in your areas of specialisation.
  6. Get your news through comedy shows, not only will they be more fun, but also they don’t need to rely on scaring you to keep your attention.

Also as well as news it worth avoiding these things too, they tend to have a similar negative effect on your pyshce.

  • Gossip magazines
  • Television adverts
  • Jerermy Kyle type shows

A lot of this is personal opinion, if you really enjoy these things then maybe it worth it.


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