How best to bring about lasting change!

Posted: August 2, 2011 in Journal

Okay this is a complicated topic to address. What is the best way to make lasting as fast changes. This is a work in progress and will be revised as I test my theories out.

Understanding (Knowledge)

This is a basically understanding how something works. For example to be able to  drive a car you need to know how to take the handbreak off, without this knowledge driving a car is going to be very hard. This in one way is the simplest thing to achieve, this can usually be done through, trial and error, or by being taught by a person or book, TV programme so on.

Feeling and Beliefs (Inner game)

Feeling and believe are harder to change, to use the car methop if you have the belief that you are very likely to crash and die, you are going to be a terrible driver, super hesitant scared to do anything and likely to panic, hench increase the chance of it happening. To change feeling and belief is difficult depending on how ingrained they are they can be changed through experience +  increase in competence, most people are scared of crashing cars when they start learning to drive, but as through experience they become confident.

This however has a big problem with it, everyday things this works well. But sometimes the fear and belief of doing something make it so scarey what often happens is, you push yourself to get experience, but the fear itself makes you perform badly, therefore this strengthen the negative belief. So say on your first driving lesson you crash the car andget a bit of whiplash, chances are you will either give up completely or when you try again you will be even more scared.

Another problem in these instances is you learn copping mechasnism which are inefficent. Mostly you would be unaware of these. For example you might learn only in a automatic car because then you don’t need to think about gears, or maybe you don’t drive on motorways. These are not all together bad things, because they allow you to expand you comfort area at a slower rate.

There are other appoaches that support direct experience, these come under two categories, safe practice areas (i.e. learing to drive in a similator or car park) or lets call brain bending (hypnotism so on). I will be attempting to experiement and measure all of these.

I devide up feeling and belief changes into new and old because these need to be addressed in different ways. If you are trying to build up another belief without get rid of the orginal one you are just giving yourself two different believes and the chances are the unwanted orginal belief is going to be stronger and will continue to over power the new belief you are trying to install.

New Feeling and Beliefs (Inner game)

The best way to build up new feeling and beliefs is to get actual world experience, so if you want to build the believe that flying in a areoplane is safe, then the best way to do this is go on a bunch of flights. However to do this you need for two things to be true, firstly your present feeling / believes are not so strong that they stop you from taking the flights and secondly that the feeling and belief that you want to create are backed up by reality.

To me their is only one really good reason to create a belief that is not back up by reality, is when the feeling is required before the reality is true. For example to be good with women you need to believe that you are good with women, women can ultimately sense if you feel like your unworthy and it a huge turn off. In things like this you need to be able to fake it till you make it.

These are the methods that I’m testing to build up new feeling and believes.

  • Hypnotism
  • Affirmation
  • CBT
  • Visualisation


Breaking old feeling and Beliefs (Inner game)

This is the flip side of creating a new belief is to get rid of the old ones. The two can go hand in hand to create faster results. These are the mehods that I’m testing to break down old feelings and beliefs:

  • Tapping
  • Sedona method

Skills and compentancies (Outer game)

Skills and compentance are generally required in order to change yourself in any lasting way, so in learning to drive a car this is the actual driving section, the knowing how to push the the pedals at the correct time, how to turn the steering wheel to make yourself change direction.

With any skill you are looking to get to the point where it is so ingrained that you can use it subconsiously. Like when you are driving a car, once you have been doing it for a couple of years you don’t even need to think consiously about it. your subconsious does it for you.

Their is pretyt much only one way to improve skills, purposful practice. This time spent practicing the skill in where you actively paying attention to the skill, so for learning to drive, before it become automatic it the time you spend in the car paying attention to what you are doing. With you concious mind you are measuring experiementing and pushing yourself out of your usual routines.

Their are three things that you can do to improve the way you learn skills.

  • Break down the skill into the different section and micro learn them indervidually

The first step should really be to break down any skill into the specifics that need to be learn’t. Learning to drive you will often be taught how to change gear before you even start the car, this is so you have some muscle memory before you have to start to deal with everything else.

  • Find the area of super learning and spend as much time in it as possible

In pretty much every area their is a situation / game which will allow you to improv at a lot faster rate. Usually these can be indentified by the enviroment is of low threat and high challange, also that they are fast paced meaning that you don’t have much downtime and can get a lot of experience in a short amount of time.

A good example of this is the Brasiallian football training game called ‘Futsal’ it is basically a game of football which is played withine a smaller inside pitch with a heavyer ball. This fast paced game allowed the Braisallian football to get crazy skills which allow them to dominate the game.

  • Always be try to push slightly past your comfort zone

To be improving you need to be challanging yourself. Now in different skills different challanges are needed, also depending on the part of a skill that you want to improve you would need to work out exactly what challange you need to take.

To go back to the car driving metaphor, most people even through they have spend thousands of hours behind the wheel are just average drivers. This is because they don’t challange themself, if however you were learning driving to obe in the police force they would challange you primarly they would do this by increasing the speed that everything would be done at.

External things / Logistics / Physical limitations

This is a bit of a throw away section, it’s just that often change is hard to bring about without some external factors coming into place, it’s hard to be a great car driver without a car. This sounds obvious but a lot of different changes that you need to brought about require people, objects and money to get into place.

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    Thanks man – interesting stuff.

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